The Ghostly Encounter

In the Langya region, there was a man named Qin Juebu who was already sixty years old. One day, he was walking home at night after drinking. He passed by the Fengshan Temple when he saw his two grandsons coming to meet him. They supported him for over a hundred paces, suddenly grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground.

“You old slave, you beat me once, and now I’m going to kill you!” 

The Dog Who Could Fly

Wei Shanjun was a man from Duling in the capital district of Jingzhao. He traveled all over the country in search of the Dao, visiting all the famous mountains. He met a deity who gave him a letter of summons from the Three Sovereigns, granting him the Daoist arts of transformation.

Wei Shanjun sometimes lived quietly in the wilds of the mountains, and sometimes he would get drunk and sleep on the road. 

The Forbidden Treasure

In the summer, a heavy storm flooded the toilet of Lu Yanxu, the warehouse keeper of Xuzhou. The water soon drained away, and Lu Yanxu invited his neighbors to come and see. They saw a grave pit below, with a large coffin in the middle. Inside the coffin lay a woman in her twenties. She was white and clean, with fingernails that were five or six inches long. She had more than ten gold hairpins in her hair. 

The Story of Amoghavajra

During the Tang Dynasty, there was a Buddhist monk named Amoghavajra(不空). He was appointed as the head of the monastery and was able to control the hundred gods. Emperor Xuanzong of Tang treated him with respect.

One year, there was a drought. Emperor Xuanzong ordered Amoghavajra to pray for rain. Amoghavajra said that he would need to wait until the next day to pray, otherwise the rain would be too heavy and violent. 

The Scholar in A Goose Cage

In the mystical Eastern Jin Dynasty, a chance encounter with a footsore scholar leads Xu Yan into a bizarre realm of wonders. As gratitude, the scholar hosts a feast like no other, spewing forth a bronze tray filled with tantalizing delicacies. Yet, the strangeness doesn't end there—geese, mysterious guests, and a peculiar screen unfold in this extraordinary tale of a feast that defies reality and leaves Xu Yan questioning the limits of the ordinary.

The Kind Orphan and the Magical Snail

Xie Duan was a man from Houguan County, Fujian Province, in the Jin Dynasty. He was orphaned at a young age and had no relatives, so he was raised by his neighbors. When he was 17 or 18 years old, he was a respectful and careful person who avoided doing anything illegal. He began to live on his own.

The villagers pitied and cared about Xie Duan, and they discussed together how to find him a wife, but they were unsuccessful. 

The Accidental Rainmaker

In the heart of Yingyang village, there lived an unknown man named Anonymous. One day, he was drunk and walking home. When he reached the Shrine of the Young Woman, he couldn’t walk anymore. He tied up his horse and fell asleep at the door of the shrine.

After sleeping for a long time, he seemed to wake up. He wanted to get up and walk, but only his head could move and his body wouldn’t get up. 

The Chang of the Tiger

He saw a little ghost, shaped like a seven or eight year old boy, without clothes.

Towards the end of the Kaiyuan Dynasty, Yuzhou experienced numerous cases of tigers attacking people. Despite setting up traps with mechanisms, none proved successful in catching a tiger.

One moonlit night, a man climbed a tree and patiently waited. He spotted a small ghost resembling a seven or eight-year-old boy, unclothed, strolling nearby. The boy wore turquoise-colored top and bottom clothes. 

The Crown Prince of Crows

Wu, whose livelihood was on the fields along the Dan River(丹徒江), arrived at the river island in the winter of the eighteenth year of the Qianlong era(乾隆十八年).

Upon reaching the island, he began collecting rent and laid out the harvested rice in the open. A flock of crows gathered to feast on the rice, and Wu, grabbing a clump of soil, chased them away. He struck one crow mid-flight, and it fell to the ground mute for a moment before recovering and flying off. 

A Mysterious Night Encounter

During the Liu Song period of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Zhao Wenshao(趙文韶), a native of Kuaiji (modern-day Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province), served as an attendant in the Crown Prince’s palace in the capital city (present-day Nanjing). He lived near the foot of Purple Mountain by the Qingxi River, at Zhongqiao. His residence was separated from the house of the Minister Wang Shuqing by only a narrow lane, approximately two hundred steps away. 

The Secret Rainbow Lover


The villagers were amazed to discover that whenever the couple went, a rainbow would always appear.

Chen Ji, a native of Bachiu, Luling, was a state official. When his wife Qin was at home, a tall man, decent-looking, wearing a big red and green robe of dazzling colors, came to court her.

Afterward, they would steal away to the secluded banks of the stream, their silhouettes fading into the twilight.

Years passed by swiftly. 

The Monster in the Study Room

He turned around and saw a monster, about five feet tall, with tiger teeth and wolf eyes, fur like a monkey, and claws like an eagle or hawk, wearing leopard-skin pants.

During the Zhenguan period of the Tang Dynasty, Xu Jing and Zhang Xian studied together in the Yanyue Mountains. The study room had two rooms, one for each person, with a distance of one zhang between them. Xu Jing was in the west, Zhang Xian was in the east, and each had their own doors and windows.