In the heart of Yingyang village, there lived an unknown man named Anonymous. One day, he was drunk and walking home. When he reached the Shrine of the Young Woman, he couldn’t walk anymore. He tied up his horse and fell asleep at the door of the shrine.

After sleeping for a long time, he seemed to wake up. He wanted to get up and walk, but only his head could move and his body wouldn’t get up.

At this moment, he heard someone knocking on the temple door fiercely. Someone inside the temple asked who it was. The person knocking on the door replied that they needed someone to go and make it rain.

The people inside the temple replied, “The whole family has gone to the temple to visit, there is no one to go and make it rain.”

“Then let the person lying at the door go and do it.” Said the people outside.

“He is a passer-by. How can we let him do it?”

They argued for a long time. In the end, they woke up Anonymous lying at the door and led him to a place.

When arrived, Anonymous saw that the place was shrouded in clouds and mist. There was also an animal that looked like a camel.

Anonymous was carried onto the camel and given a bottle. He was warned, “You must hold the bottle upright. Don’t let the bottle tilt.”

The camel started to run, and the water in the bottle spilled out along the way, turning into rain.

At that time, there was a severe drought. When Anonymous reached his hometown, he was afraid that the rain would not be enough. He tilted the bottle slightly to make the rain fall harder.

After making it rain, Anonymous came to the temple door and saw his corpse floating in the water. He walked forward. His soul entered the corpse, and he came back to life.

Later, he rode home. As he had tilted the bottle over his house when he was making it rain, his house was flooded and his entire family was drowned.

Grief-stricken and consumed by guilt, Anonymous descended into madness. He passed away a few months later.

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🎨 Anonymous, 《溪桥风雨图》, preserved in 國立故宮博物院

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