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Chinese Weird Tales

The Tasty Visitor

Master Ye Fashan(葉法善) was skilled in talismanic magic. The Emperor honored him several times as a Hongluqing(鴻臚卿), bestowing upon him lavish rewards and special treatment.

Ye Fashan resided in the Xuanzhen Temple(玄真觀), often hosting a dozen or more courtiers who would come to the temple, loosen their belts, and stay without intending to leave. The seats would be occupied, and they’d desire wine to drink.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door, claiming to be Qu Xiucai. Ye Fashan sent word to him, ‘There are colleagues from the court here presently; we have no time to converse.  Read More “The Tasty Visitor”

Chinese Weird Tales

The Dragon’s Pearl

In Jingxiang, there is a temple nestled close to mountains and water, where a dragon resides. This dragon often stirs up storms, damaging trees. Within the temple, there is an old man named Zhang who strikes the bell; he is a sorcerer, unknown to the monks. Zhang detests the havoc caused by this dragon and desires to capture and kill it, secretly performing magic.

The dragon, aware of this, transforms into a human and secretly informs one of the monks, saying, ‘I am a dragon, living in these waters for many years.  Read More “The Dragon’s Pearl”

Chinese Weird Gallery

Love Story of the Flying Head Demon Clan

Once upon a time, a flying head demon (飛頭䝤) flew out of his body at night. Suddenly, he saw his daughter’s head flying next to the head of a boy from another family. They were eating a fish together by the stream. When it was time to say goodbye, they were reluctant to part. When the flying head demon returned home, he arranged for his daughter to marry the boy from the family.

Story and image from《點石齋畫報》. Dianshizhai huabao or Dianshizhai Pictorial (《點石齋畫報》, 1884–1898) was a Chinese language magazine published in Shanghai in the late 19th century.  Read More “Love Story of the Flying Head Demon Clan”

Classic of Mountains and Seas



Zhu Yin(燭陰), also known as Candle Dragon(燭龍), is a mythical creature in ancient Chinese #mythology. It controls the day and night with its fiery eyes and breath

Zhu Rong, also known as Candle Dragon, is a mythical creature in ancient Chinese mythology. Zhu Rong is a mountain deity with a human face and a snake’s body. Its skin is red, and it lives in the frigid north. When it opens its eyes, it is daytime. When it closes its eyes, it is nighttime.

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