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Tales of Yuyi(郁夷國)

To the east of Penglai(蓬萊) , there is a country called Yuyi, where golden mists frequently appear. The immortals say that this mountain often floats within the mist, sometimes rising high, sometimes hanging low.

Many buildings stand on the mountain, their windows usually facing towards the bright direction when the mist disperses, and all facing north when the mist vanishes.


~鐘毓龍 《上古秘史》, in the Qing Dynasty

I think the earliest record of that is in 《拾遺記》, will talk about that in the next thread.  Read More “Tales of Yuyi(郁夷國)”


Tales of Hanming(含明國)

To the west of Penglai(蓬萊) , there is a country named Hanming, where people use bird feathers as clothes and quench their thirst with dewdrops. They spend their days climbing high places to fetch water, using stairs made of precious materials like gold, silver, and crystal. Here, there are both icy and hot waters, and those who drink them can live up to a thousand years.

The original description in 《拾遺記》 is more fascinating , see image.

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The Emperor asked Li Shaoweng, how to get to the floating mountain.
‘First, offer to Taiyi(太一); only then can one ascend to the heavens. Only after ascending to the heavens can one reach Penglai(蓬萊).’

Li Shaoweng from Qi, aged two hundred, had the appearance of a youth. His creations in various forms were all effective. The Emperor greatly believed in him, appointed him as the General of Wencheng, and treated him as an honored guest. Inside the Ganquan Palace, he painted images of various gods including Taiyi for worship.  Read More “《蓬萊仙境》張大千”

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About GuiXu(歸墟)

To the east of the Bohai Sea, an unmeasurable distance away, lies a vast, bottomless chasm that is, in reality, an abyssal valley, unfathomably deep, known as GuiXu.

Waters from various places and even from the celestial river converge here, yet the water volume neither increases nor decreases. In this place, there are five mountains: Daiyu, Yuanyu, Fanghu, Yingzhou, and Penglai.

🎨 胡廷暉 《蓬萊仙會圖》in the Yuan Dynasty

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DaYu(夏禹)’s visit in Penglai(蓬萊)

In ancient times, after Yu the Great(DaYu) had controlled the floods, he rode in a carriage across the Weak Water and arrived at Mount Penglai.

He offered sacrifices to God at Bei’ao and attributed his great achievements in flood control to the Nine Heavens. Da Yu toured the Five Mountains and ordered craftsmen to carve stone tablets to record the distance, height, and other information of each mountain.

The characters on the tablets were written in the ancient Kochou script, which was not intelligible to the Han people.  Read More “DaYu(夏禹)’s visit in Penglai(蓬萊)”

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《仙山樓閣圖(Immortal Mountain and Pavilion)》王時敏

《仙山樓閣圖(Immortal Mountain and Pavilion)》王時敏, in the Qing Dynasty
This painting was created for the 70th birthday of Chen Jingfu’s mother, shows towering mountains, lush forests, winding streams and pines. Two tall and lush pines symbolize longevity.

In the distance, there are rolling mountains. A stream flows out of the mountains and merges into a river at the bottom. In the embrace of mountains, water, and trees, a secluded pavilion can be seen in the distance. The valley is dotted with thatched pavilions and grass huts, creating a tranquil environment.  Read More “《仙山樓閣圖(Immortal Mountain and Pavilion)》王時敏”

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The Broken Mirror

The wife of Xu Deyan(徐德言), the Prince’s Attendant of the Chen Dynasty, was Princess Lechang(樂昌公主), the younger sister of Chen Shubao(陈叔寶), the last emperor of Chen. She was exceptionally talented and beautiful. During Xu Deyan’s tenure as the Prince’s Attendant, the Chen Dynasty was in decline, and the times were tumultuous, making it difficult to ensure the safety of both the country and individuals.

Xu Deyan said to his wife Chen(陳氏), “With your talent and beauty, if the country perishes, you will surely end up in a wealthy and influential household.  Read More “The Broken Mirror”

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Lv Xiangyun(呂鄉筠), a merchant from Dongting(洞庭), often traded Dongting fish and shrimp for miscellaneous goods in Jiangxi. He took one-tenth of the profit and, with surplus earnings, supported poor relatives and friends, helping the needy thereafter. He never saved money for himself. Lv Xiangyun was skilled at playing the flute. Whenever he encountered beautiful landscapes, he would sail and enjoy the scenery, playing his flute.

Once, on a mid-spring night, Lv Xiangyun’s boat was moored near Junshan Island. He set up a solitary feast and drank from a jug.  Read More “Flutes”