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Classic of Mountains and Seas



Zhu Yin(燭陰), also known as Candle Dragon(燭龍), is a mythical creature in ancient Chinese #mythology. It controls the day and night with its fiery eyes and breath

Zhu Rong, also known as Candle Dragon, is a mythical creature in ancient Chinese mythology. Zhu Rong is a mountain deity with a human face and a snake’s body. Its skin is red, and it lives in the frigid north. When it opens its eyes, it is daytime. When it closes its eyes, it is nighttime.

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Chinese Weird Tales

The Monster in the Study Room

He turned around and saw a monster, about five feet tall, with tiger teeth and wolf eyes, fur like a monkey, and claws like an eagle or hawk, wearing leopard-skin pants.

During the Zhenguan period of the Tang Dynasty, Xu Jing and Zhang Xian studied together in the Yanyue Mountains. The study room had two rooms, one for each person, with a distance of one zhang between them. Xu Jing was in the west, Zhang Xian was in the east, and each had their own doors and windows.  Read More “The Monster in the Study Room”