The God of Mount Taibai

《神龍沛雨圖》宋 陳容

The god of Mount Taibai(太白山神) in central Qin is considered the most efficacious. At the summit of Mount Taibai, there are three ponds known as the Big Taibai, Middle Taibai, and Three Taibai. If leaves, weeds, or mud fall into these ponds, flocks of birds will come and carry away these impurities. Therefore, the local people refer to these birds as the ‘Pond-cleaning Birds(淨池鳥).’

Once, a carpenter accidentally fell into the Taibai Pond and discovered another world beneath its surface. 

Kirin/Qilin/麒麟: Auspicious beast in Chinese mythology

The Kirin in Chinese mythology is not just a mythical beast but a symbol of all that is good and virtuous. Its enduring presence in Chinese culture highlights the deep-rooted appreciation and reverence for mystical creatures that embody positive qualities and the harmony between humanity and the natural world.