The Thunder God is Defiled

《雷神圖》明 佚名

Shen Yutan(沈雨潭) also said, on a day in the twenty-seventh year of Qianlong, thunder and lightning raged, and thunderbolts spun over the Huai’an(淮安) Orphanage. It was about to strike an old woman in the courtyard. At that time, this old woman was urinating. Suddenly, a loud thunder directly struck above her head. The old woman panicked, immediately lifted the chamber pot, and threw it in the direction of the thunder. Afterwards, a golden-armored Thunder God circled around the roof for a few rounds and then landed on the ground. 

LeiShen/雷神: The Deity of Thunder in Chinese Mythology

LeiShen/雷神 - Chinese Mythology: Deily of Thunder

In Chinese mythology, in the Lei Ze(The lake of thunder), there lived a thunder god. This god of thunder had a dragon-like body and a human head. If he slapped his abdomen, he would make a thunderclap.


《山海經 海內東經》