The Unjust Case in Changle

《華山圖》冊 王履

In Changle County(長樂縣), Fujian Province, there was a woman surnamed Li. At the age of twenty-five, she gave birth to a son. Unfortunately, six months after the birth, her husband passed away. She was determined to raise the orphaned child. In the Li household, there was only a maidservant and an elderly servant. Apart from them, even close relatives rarely visited. The people in the village and surrounding areas who knew her held great respect for her. 

How can my funeral cost so much money?

A short and funny story about the death’s reappearance.

Zhu Tai(朱泰)’s family lived in Jiangling(江陵). During the Song Yuanhui(宋元徽) period, he died of illness and had not yet been buried. His ghost suddenly appeared, sitting next to his corpse, comforting his mother, and everyone saw it. He told the people who were handling the funeral that everything should be done frugally, and said to his mother: “Our family is so poor, and I am dead, and I can no longer serve and support you.