Chuxiong Strange Tree

Jijia Prefecture(嘉州) in Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄府), Yunnan, is a place where ethnic minorities live. There, there is a tall holly tree with twisted roots, extending for more than ten miles. From a distance, it looks like dozens of woodenware shops have opened under the tree, with tables, chairs, beds, couches, kitchens, and cabinets all complete inside, enough to accommodate more than ten households. Unfortunately, the leaves of this holly tree are too sparse to provide shelter from wind and rain. Its supporting roots emerge from the ground, and its branches seem to have feet.

Translated from《楚雄奇樹》in 《子不語》:

楚雄府 嘉州者,卜夷地方,有冬青樹,根蟠大十里,遠望如開數十座木行,其中桌椅牀榻廚櫃俱全,可住十餘戶。惜樹葉稀,不能遮風雨耳。其根拔地而出,枝枝有腳。

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