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Chinese Weird Tales

Kunlun Nu

It is a very famous Chuanqi in the Tang Dynasty.

From Wikipedia:

The hero of the tale is a Negrito slave who uses his extraordinary physical abilities to save his master’s lover from a court official’s harem.

You can read more about it in this Wikipedia page. Below is a full translation of the story.

During the reign of Emperor Dezong in the Tang Dynasty, there was a man named Cui Sheng(崔生). His father was a prominent official who had a close relationship with high-ranking ministers of the time.  Read More “Kunlun Nu”

Chinese Weird Tales

The Broken Mirror

The wife of Xu Deyan(徐德言), the Prince’s Attendant of the Chen Dynasty, was Princess Lechang(樂昌公主), the younger sister of Chen Shubao(陈叔寶), the last emperor of Chen. She was exceptionally talented and beautiful. During Xu Deyan’s tenure as the Prince’s Attendant, the Chen Dynasty was in decline, and the times were tumultuous, making it difficult to ensure the safety of both the country and individuals.

Xu Deyan said to his wife Chen(陳氏), “With your talent and beauty, if the country perishes, you will surely end up in a wealthy and influential household.  Read More “The Broken Mirror”

Chinese Weird Tales

The Secret Rainbow Lover

The villagers were amazed to discover that whenever the couple went, a rainbow would always appear.

Chen Ji, a native of Bachiu, Luling, was a state official. When his wife Qin was at home, a tall man, decent-looking, wearing a big red and green robe of dazzling colors, came to court her.

Afterward, they would steal away to the secluded banks of the stream, their silhouettes fading into the twilight.

Years passed by swiftly. The villagers were amazed to discover that whenever the couple went, a rainbow would always appear.  Read More “The Secret Rainbow Lover”

Chinese Weird Tales

The Porcelain Doll Bride

There was blood in its heart, as big as an egg.

Lu Zanshan had a porcelain doll bride at home. After a few years, his wife joked with him, “Let it be your concubine.” From then on, Lu Zanshan was always in a daze, and he often saw a woman lying in his tent. After a long time, he thought that it was the porcelain doll that was causing trouble, so he sent it to the temple.

One day, a young boy was sweeping the temple in the morning.  Read More “The Porcelain Doll Bride”