There was blood in its heart, as big as an egg.

Lu Zanshan had a porcelain doll bride at home. After a few years, his wife joked with him, “Let it be your concubine.” From then on, Lu Zanshan was always in a daze, and he often saw a woman lying in his tent. After a long time, he thought that it was the porcelain doll that was causing trouble, so he sent it to the temple.

One day, a young boy was sweeping the temple in the morning. He saw a mysterious woman, so he asked her where she came from. She identified herself as Lu Zanshan’s concubine, who had been sent to the temple by his jealous wife. Later, when the boy saw the Lu family come, he told them about seeing Lu Zanshan’s concubine.

Lu Zanshan carefully asked about the matter, and based on the clothes that the boy described, he determined that it was the porcelain doll. He had someone break it open. There was blood in its heart, as big as an egg.

Original text in 《廣異記》:


🎨 by Unknown in Qing Dynasty, 《执瓶仕女图》

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