The Fox Immortal Keeps Accounts

A man named Zhang from Hezhou traveled to Yangzhou(揚州) and stayed at the Xingjiao Temple(興教寺). The monks’ quarters in the temple were haunted by a fox immortal, so no one dared to stay there. Zhang, with his carefree personality, decided to reside in the monk’s room.

Not long after Zhang moved in, an old man claiming to be Wu Gangzi(吳剛子) came to visit. After exchanging greetings with a bow, they began to converse. 

The Horizontal Inscribed Board Yaoguai

In Hangzhou, there was a scholar named Sun who, on a summer night, was reading in his study. He felt something crawling on his forehead and, upon brushing it with his hand, saw countless strands of white beard hanging down from the plaque on the ceiling. On the plaque was a large face, about the size of a seven-stone jar, with eyebrows and eyes like an ordinary person, smiling and looking down. 

SuanNi/狻猊: The Majestic Mythical Beast of Chinese Legend

Suan Ni, originating from ancient Chinese mythology and legends, is a mythical creature deeply ingrained in traditional Chinese culture. It symbolizes power, bravery, and wealth.

The Obstinate Rock of Nanshan


In Haichang(海昌), there was a scholar named Chen(陳秀才某) who once visited the Yusu Temple(于肅愍廟) to seek dreams and divine the fortunes of his future. In his dream, Yusu opened the main gate to receive him, but instead of feeling at ease, Chen became restless. After a few steps, he stopped. Yusu said, ‘You are to be my future student, so according to protocol, you should enter through the main gate.’ Once settled, messengers arrived to report that the City God of Tangxi County(湯溪縣城隍) wished to see him. 


Zheng/猙: looks like a red leopard, with five tails and one horn. It makes a sound like the sound of striking stones.

In the mountains, there is a beast called 猙(Zheng). It looks like a red leopard, with five tails and one horn. It makes a sound like the sound of striking stones.



LeiShen/雷神: The Deity of Thunder in Chinese Mythology

LeiShen/雷神 - Chinese Mythology: Deily of Thunder

In Chinese mythology, in the Lei Ze(The lake of thunder), there lived a thunder god. This god of thunder had a dragon-like body and a human head. If he slapped his abdomen, he would make a thunderclap.


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