SuanNi/狻猊: The Majestic Mythical Beast of Chinese Legend

Suan Ni, originating from ancient Chinese mythology and legends, is a mythical creature deeply ingrained in traditional Chinese culture. It symbolizes power, bravery, and wealth.

TaoTie/饕餮: More Than a Chinese Mythical Beast

Introduction to Taotie

Taotie is a mysterious creature in Chinese mythology. Its name translates to “gluttonous ogre” and is often associated with insatiable greed. Taotie’s depiction is primarily found on ritual bronze vessels from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, where it is characterized by a symmetrical, zoomorphic face, often without a lower jaw.

TaoTie/饕餮: Mythical Beast in Ancient China

2. Historical Context

Origin and Evolution: The origins of Taotie remain unclear, but it is thought to have evolved from earlier totemic symbols.