12 Chinese Cat Poems by Lu You

An imaginary image of Lu You with his beloved cat, artist unknown

In the general impression, Lu You(陸游) is a famous patriotic Chinese poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, full of melancholy. However, compared to lofty mountains, flowing rivers, in reality, he was a devoted cat lover.

Chinese Cat Poems Written by Lu You

Lu You’s famous patriotic poem titled ‘Stormy Winds on November Fourth(《十一月四日風雨大作》)’ is well-known in China, as it appears in many high school textbooks.



Lying stiff in a solitary village, no self-pity within, Still contemplating guarding the frontier for the nation’s win.


Zhuang Sheng


Ye Xiangliu(葉祥榴), a Jinshi degree holder, said he had a friend named Chen, whose family had invited a teacher named Zhuang Sheng(莊生).

One August evening, after Zhuang Sheng finished teaching, feeling weary from watching the Chen brothers playing chess in the study, he stood up to return home. Zhuang Sheng’s house was a short distance from Chen’s, across a small bridge. As he walked onto the bridge that day, he stepped into emptiness, fell to the ground, hurriedly got up, and ran back home. 


Zheng/猙: looks like a red leopard, with five tails and one horn. It makes a sound like the sound of striking stones.

In the mountains, there is a beast called 猙(Zheng). It looks like a red leopard, with five tails and one horn. It makes a sound like the sound of striking stones.



LeiShen/雷神: The Deity of Thunder in Chinese Mythology

LeiShen/雷神 - Chinese Mythology: Deily of Thunder

In Chinese mythology, in the Lei Ze(The lake of thunder), there lived a thunder god. This god of thunder had a dragon-like body and a human head. If he slapped his abdomen, he would make a thunderclap.


《山海經 海內東經》

TianMa/天馬: Named Sky Horse But In Fact a Dog

TianMa/SkyHorse天馬 - Chinese Mythology Beast: In Fact a Dog

天馬(Tianma/Sky Horse) is a beast there whose shape is like a white dog with a black head. When it sees a person, it flies away.