Cats Speak Human Language

A retired admiral in Hunan Province, a man accustomed to a life of command, whiled away his days with chess and wine. Unaware, he shared his home with two feline companions who possessed an extraordinary ability: speech. One fateful day, the admiral stumbled upon their secret conversation, a scene so bewildering he lunged to capture one of the cats. The agile feline escaped, but the other, cornered, squeaked, “Twelve years I’ve held my tongue, fearing human fright. Forgive my lapse, and grant me freedom.” Struck by the articulate plea, the admiral relented. Life, from then on, continued as normal, yet forever changed. The admiral, forever privy to a secret world, lived alongside his extraordinary companions, their unspoken connection a constant wonder.

This Qing Dynasty comic tells a funny folk tale about two old cats.
In Chinese #folklore, a cat living past twelve years becomes a demon, speaking human language.