Encountering a Dragon at Sea and Shooting it in the Eye.

This Qing Dynasty comic tells the story of people encountering a dragon at sea and shooting it in the eye. General Zhu Longxuan, a guerrilla expert in archery, never missed his target. One night, he was patrolling the sea by boat when he saw two red lights flickering and floating towards him from the sky. Thinking they were pirates’ lanterns, General Zhu drew his bow and arrow and shot. With one arrow, he shot out one of the lanterns, and the sea immediately surged with waves that reached the sky. Only then did he realize that he had not shot a lantern, but a dragon’s eye. The dragon, in excruciating pain from its wounded eye, whipped up the wind and waves, capsizing the boat. General Zhu grabbed a piece of wood and drifted at sea for a night. The next day, he was rescued by a fishing boat. Since then, whenever there was a stormy night at sea, people only saw one “red light”.