Jizi Xun’s Longevity: The Mysterious Life of Jizi Xun in Ancient China

Explore the enigmatic life of Jizi Xun during the Eastern Han Dynasty, known for his extraordinary hospitality and longevity, leaving a lasting impression on those who encountered him.

During the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a man named Jizi Xun, and no one knew where he came from. He arrived in Luoyang and hosted numerous imperial officials in various places, offering them a bushel of wine and a piece of dried meat each, saying, “There’s nothing special from afar, just a small token of goodwill.” There were hundreds of people in attendance, and they couldn’t finish eating and drinking all day long. After Jizi Xun left, everyone saw white clouds rising from morning till evening. At that time, a centenarian said, “I saw him selling medicine in the market in Kuaiji when I was a child, and his complexion was just like this.” Jizi Xun didn’t like staying in Luoyang, so he left. During the reign of Emperor Ming of Wei, someone in Bache saw Jizi Xun and an old man caressing a bronze statue together, and they said, “We just saw this bronze statue being cast, and it’s been over five hundred years.” The people who saw them shouted, “Mr. Jizi, please wait a moment.” They continued to walk and replied while walking. It seemed like they were walking slowly, but even the fastest running horse couldn’t catch up.



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