She saw they were all tigers, but she did not dare to say anything.

During the reign of Emperor Kaiyuan of the Tang Dynasty, a tiger took the daughter of a family as his wife and built a house in the mountains. The woman did not realize that her husband was a tiger even after two years.

One day, two guests came with wine and drank with her husband in the house. The husband warned her, “These two friends are not quite like the others, don’t peek at them.”

In a little while, they were both drunk and fell asleep.

The woman went over and saw that they were all tigers. She was extremely frightened, but did not dare to say anything.

After a while, the tigers returned to human form and came back to consciousness.

“You didn’t peek, did you?”

“I didn’t leave my place. ” Lied the woman.

After that, she told her husband that she was very homesick and wished to go back to her hometown. Ten days later, the couple were on their way back with wine and meat. When they were about to reach her mother’s house, they came across a deep river.

The wife went through first. As the husband was undressing, the wife joked with him, “Why is there a tiger’s tail sticking out behind you?”

The tiger was so ashamed that he did not cross the river. He turned back into the mountains and ran away quickly, never to return.

Original text in 《廣異記》:


🎨 by 马负圖, 《虎图》

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