Ge Xuan’s Use of Magic: Magical Feats and Transformations

Explore the extraordinary magical abilities of Ge Xuan, a Chinese mystic, as he performs astonishing feats and transformations.

Ge Xuan, also known as Xiaoxian, studied the “Nine Elixirs Immortal Scripture” under the guidance of Zuo Yuanfang. During a meal with a guest, they discussed the topic of magical transformations. The guest said, “After the meal, can you perform a magic trick for us, sir?” Ge Xuan replied, “Do you want to see something right away?” He then sprayed the food from his mouth, which transformed into hundreds of large bees that flew onto the guest without stinging. After some time, Ge Xuan opened his mouth, and the bees flew back into it, turning back into grains of rice. He also directed toads, various reptiles, and sparrows to dance rhythmically, just like humans. In the winter, he prepared fresh dates for his guests, and in the summer, he could provide ice and snow. He had someone scatter dozens of copper coins into a well, and Ge Xuan used a container to call them out from the well one by one. He arranged feasts for his guests, and no one needed to pass the wine cups; the cups would automatically appear in front of the guests. If the wine in the cups wasn’t finished, the cups would not leave. Once, he and King Wu sat in a tall tower and saw people making clay figurines to pray for rain. King Wu asked, “Can we obtain rain that way to fulfill the wishes of the common people?” Ge Xuan replied, “Rain can be easily obtained.” He then drew a talisman and placed it in the shrine. In an instant, the sky darkened, and heavy rain poured down, flooding the surroundings. King Wu asked, “Are there fish in the water?” Ge Xuan drew another talisman and threw it into the water, and within moments, hundreds of large fish appeared. He sent people to catch the fish.



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