Tao An Gong’s Celestial Journey

Follow Tao An Gong, a blacksmith from Liu'an, on his celestial journey guided by mystical creatures like the Red Dragon and Vermilion Bird.

Tao An Gong was a blacksmith in Liu’an. He often lit fires and worked on casting metals. One day, a fire blazed with a purple flame shooting into the sky. Tao An Gong knelt before the furnace and prayed. After a while, a vermilion bird landed on the furnace and said, “An Gong! An Gong! Your metallurgy is in harmony with the heavens. On the seventh day of the seventh month, the Red Dragon will welcome you to the sky.” At the appointed time, Tao An Gong rode on the Red Dragon and flew southeast. Tens of thousands of people in the city had previously offered sacrifices to the Road God to bid farewell to Tao An Gong, and Tao An Gong bid farewell to each of them.



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