Yu Ji’s Request for Rain: Sun Ce’s Frustration and Tragic Consequences

Yu Ji's plea for rain leads to tragic consequences for Sun Ce, as supernatural events unfold during a severe drought.

Sun Ce was preparing to cross the river and attack Xuchang, marching alongside Yu Ji. At that time, there was a severe drought, and the places they traveled through were extremely hot. Sun Ce urged his generals and soldiers to quickly pull the boats. One day, he personally got up early to supervise and saw that most of the officers and soldiers were with Yu Ji. Sun Ce was very angry and said, “Is my command not as good as Yu Ji’s? Yet you all seek to follow and attach yourselves to him first.” So he sent someone to seize Yu Ji and questioned him, saying, “It’s a major drought, and it’s difficult to travel due to the challenging road conditions. We cannot cross the river on time, so I get up early every day. But you don’t share my concerns; instead, you sit comfortably on the boat, pretending to be a deity, and disperse the morale of the army. Today, you will be dealt with.” Sun Ce had Yu Ji tied up and exposed to the sun on the ground, instructing him to pray for rain. If he could move heaven, and it rained at noon, he would be forgiven; otherwise, he would be killed. After a while, the clouds rose and gradually gathered; close to noon, heavy rain suddenly poured down, filling the small streams and ditches. The generals and soldiers were very happy, thinking that Yu Ji would surely be forgiven, and they went to congratulate and comfort him. However, Sun Ce killed him. The generals and soldiers were filled with sorrow and regret and buried Yu Ji’s body. That night, suddenly, a cloud rose again and covered the body. The next morning, when they went to see, the body was nowhere to be found. After killing Yu Ji, every time Sun Ce was alone, it was as if he saw Yu Ji beside him. Sun Ce was greatly troubled in his heart, and his nerves became somewhat abnormal. Later, when his wound was just healing, Sun Ce looked in the mirror and saw Yu Ji in it, but when he turned around, he couldn’t find him. This happened repeatedly. Sun Ce threw the mirror and shouted loudly, causing the wound to burst open, and he died shortly afterward.



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