Kinqiao Acquires the Dragon’s Transformation

Kinqiao, a skilled qin player from Zhao, obtains the Dragon's Transformation through Daoist arts. He fulfills a shrine ceremony by the river with over ten thousand spectators.

Kinqiao, a native of the state of Zhao, was skilled in playing the qin (a traditional Chinese musical instrument). He once served as an attendant to King Kang of the Song dynasty. He practiced the Daoist arts of Juanzi and Pengzu and wandered between Jizhou and Zhuojun for over two hundred years. Later, he passed away and entered the Zhuoshui River to obtain the Dragon’s Transformation. He made an agreement with his disciples, saying, “Tomorrow, all of you should cleanse yourselves and fast, waiting by the river to set up a shrine for the ceremony.” As expected, he emerged from the river riding a red carp and sat in the shrine. Over ten thousand people came to see him. After staying for a month, he returned to the water once again.



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