Guo Pu Saves the Dead Horse

Zhao Gu revives his horse with guidance from Guo Pu, using a mysterious creature. An intriguing tale blending myth and miracle in ancient China.

Zhao Gu’s horse suddenly died, and he was deeply saddened and regretful. He went to ask Guo Pu for advice. Guo Pu said, “You can send dozens of people with bamboo poles, walk thirty li to the east, and in the mountains and forests, there is a tree planted in a cemetery. Stir and beat the tree branches with the bamboo poles. A creature should appear, and it would be best to capture it quickly and bring it back home.” Zhao Gu did as he was told, and indeed captured a creature resembling a monkey. When the creature was brought home and entered through the main gate, it saw the dead horse, jumped next to the horse’s head, and started to blow and inhale air at the horse’s nose. After a while, the horse was able to stand up, move swiftly, neigh loudly, and eat and drink water as usual. The creature from before was no longer seen. Zhao Gu greatly appreciated Guo Pu and rewarded him with generous wealth and provisions.



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