Miss Xin Fourteen: A Tale of Love, Tragedy, and Redemption

Explore the captivating story of Miss Xin Fourteen, a tale of love, adversity, and an unexpected celestial intervention.

In Guangping County, there lived a man named Feng Sheng during the reign of Emperor Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty. In his youth, he was known for his frivolous behavior and excessive drinking. One day, at dawn, while he was out by chance, he encountered a young girl. She was dressed in a red shawl, possessed a charming and graceful appearance, and was accompanied by a little maid. They were walking along the dewy road, their shoes and socks soaked through. Feng Sheng secretly fell in love with this young girl.

In the dim twilight, Feng Sheng returned home drunk. Along the road, there was an abandoned temple that had been deserted for a long time. A woman emerged from it, and to his surprise, it was the same beautiful woman he had encountered earlier. When she saw Feng Sheng approaching, she quickly turned and entered the temple. Feng Sheng wondered why this beautiful woman was living in a temple, so he tied his donkey at the entrance and decided to investigate. Inside, he saw crumbling walls, a dilapidated state, and overgrown grass on the steps, resembling a carpet. As Feng Sheng hesitated, an elderly man with gray hair and neat clothing came out and asked, “Where are you from, sir?” Feng Sheng replied, “I happened to pass by this ancient temple and wanted to take a look. Why are you here, sir?” The old man said, “I am a wanderer with no place to stay, so I temporarily settled my family here. Since you’ve come, please have a cup of mountain tea, which will serve as our drink.” He welcomed the guest into the temple. Feng Sheng noticed a courtyard behind the main hall with a smooth stone path, free from weeds. Inside the room, there were curtains, bed canopies, and a delightful fragrance in the air. After taking a seat, the old man introduced himself as Mr. Xin.

In the midst of his drunkenness, Feng Sheng suddenly asked Mr. Xin, “I’ve heard that you have a daughter who hasn’t found a suitable spouse. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but I’m willing to propose marriage.” Mr. Xin smiled and said, “Let me discuss it with my wife.” Feng Sheng immediately asked for a pen and wrote a poem: “A thousand gold to find a jade pestle, diligently grinding it myself. If Yunying has any interest, let’s personally pound the frost.” Mr. Xin laughed and handed it to someone beside him. After a while, a maid whispered something to Mr. Xin. He stood up and asked Feng Sheng to be patient and wait for a while, then went inside the inner room. Feng Sheng thought there must be good news, but Mr. Xin sat down and engaged him in casual conversation, avoiding the topic. Unable to bear it, Feng Sheng asked, “I’m not sure what you mean, and I hope you can dispel my doubts.” Mr. Xin said, “You are an outstanding individual, and I have long admired your charisma. However, I have some personal matters that are not easy to discuss.” Feng Sheng urged him to speak, and Mr. Xin said, “I have nineteen daughters, and twelve of them are already married. The matter of marrying off my daughters is handled by my wife, and I am not involved.” Feng Sheng said, “I am only interested in the young lady who was walking with a little maid early this morning.” Mr. Xin remained silent, and both of them sat there in silence. At that moment, Feng Sheng heard the soft, intimate conversation coming from inside the room. Driven by his drunkenness, he pulled aside the curtain and said, “Since we cannot be husband and wife, we should at least see each other’s faces to alleviate my regret.” Everyone in the room turned and looked at Feng Sheng in astonishment. Among them was indeed a young woman in a red dress, shaking her sleeves and bowing her head, standing gracefully and lightly fiddling with her clothes. When she saw Feng Sheng entering, the entire room was filled with panic. Mr. Xin became furious and had a few men drag Feng Sheng out. Feng Sheng, now even more intoxicated, fell into a clump of weeds. Tiles and stones rained down like bullets, but fortunately, none hit him.

After lying down for a while, Feng Sheng heard his donkey still grazing by the roadside. He got up, mounted the donkey unsteadily, and continued on his way. The night was hazy, and he mistakenly entered a creek valley where wolves were running, and owls were hooting. This frightened him, causing his hair to stand on end, and he shivered all over. Hesitating and bewildered, he looked around, not knowing where he was. In the distance, he saw lights hidden amidst a vast forest, which he assumed to be a village, so he hurriedly made his way there to find shelter.

Feng Sheng looked up and saw a grand entrance to a household, so he used his whip to knock on the door. Someone from inside asked, “Who are you, arriving here in the middle of the night?” Feng Sheng explained that he had lost his way. The person inside said, “Wait, let me inform the master.” Feng Sheng cautiously stood there, eagerly awaiting a response. Suddenly, he heard the sound of unlocking and the door opening, and a sturdy servant came out to lead his donkey. Once inside, Feng Sheng observed that the house was very luxurious, with lights lit in the main hall. After sitting for a while, a woman came out and asked for the guest’s name, to which Feng Sheng promptly replied.

After some time, several maids helped an elderly lady out and said, “The County Lady has arrived.” Feng Sheng stood up and prepared to bow respectfully, but the elderly lady quickly stopped him and asked him to sit down. She then said, “You must be the grandson of Feng Yunzi, aren’t you?” Feng Sheng confirmed, saying, “Yes, I am.” The elderly lady continued, “You must be my distant relative. Throughout my life, we have rarely met among our kin.” Feng Sheng replied, “I lost my father at a young age, and out of my grandfather’s ten companions, I recognize none of them. I have never had the opportunity to pay my respects. Please guide me.” The elderly lady said, “You will come to understand it yourself.”

Feng Sheng dared not ask any further questions and sat across, pondering the situation. The elderly lady inquired, “Grandson, why have you come here so late at night?” Feng Sheng, always boasting of his courage, narrated the events he had encountered one by one. The elderly lady smiled and said, “This is a great thing. Moreover, you are a scholar, and you haven’t tainted any marriage bonds. How can a cunning fox spirit force herself upon someone as distinguished as you? Don’t worry; I can help you make this match.” Feng Sheng repeatedly expressed his gratitude.

The elderly lady looked at those around her and said, “I didn’t expect the daughters of the Xin family to be so beautiful.” A maid chimed in, “They have nineteen daughters, all elegant and charming. I wonder which one the young master wishes to marry?” Feng Sheng replied, “The one who is around fifteen years old.” The maid said, “That’s Fourteenth Miss. She came with her mother to offer birthday wishes to the County Lady in March. How could you forget?” The elderly lady laughed and said, “Is it the one who wears shoes with lotus petal patterns carved on the wooden soles, filled with fragrant powder, and walks with a veil?” The maid confirmed, “Yes.” The elderly lady continued, “This girl is particularly creative, coquettish, and clever. But indeed, she is charming and graceful. My grandson has a good eye.” She then instructed the maid, “You can send Little Fox to call her.” The maid agreed and went to fetch her.

After a while, the maid returned and reported, “Miss Xin Fourteenth has been summoned.” Soon, a young woman in a red dress bowed to the elderly lady. The elderly lady pulled her up and said, “From now on, you are my grandson’s wife. No need for maid’s courtesy.” Xin Fourteenth stood up, gracefully and elegantly, with her red sleeves hanging low. The elderly lady adjusted her hair and touched her earrings, asking, “What have you been doing at home recently?” Xin Fourteenth, blushing and shy, replied with her head down, “Just embroidery during my free time.” When she looked at Feng Sheng, she became even more bashful. The elderly lady said, “This is my grandson. He is eager to marry you. Why did you let him get lost and wander in the valley all night?” Xin Fourteenth remained silent. The elderly lady said, “I called you here for one reason: I want to act as a matchmaker for my grandson.” Xin Fourteenth still remained silent.

The elderly lady instructed to prepare the bed, blankets, and consummate the marriage immediately. Xin Fourteenth timidly said, “I want to go back and inform my parents.” The elderly lady said, “I’m acting as a matchmaker for you; can I be wrong?” Xin Fourteenth said, “Even if I were to die, I wouldn’t dare to obey this command.” The elderly lady smiled and said, “This young girl has unyielding spirit. She is truly my granddaughter-in-law!” She then plucked a golden flower from Xin Fourteenth’s hair and handed it to Feng Sheng, instructing him to go home and consult the almanac to find an auspicious date for the wedding. She immediately sent a maid to escort Xin Fourteenth back.

At this moment, they heard the distant crowing of a rooster, signaling the break of dawn. The elderly lady sent someone to lead Feng Sheng out while riding his donkey. Just a few steps outside the door, Feng Sheng suddenly turned back to look. The village houses had already vanished, replaced by dark pine and cypress trees, and the land was covered with thorns and weeds, except for a single grave. It took Feng Sheng some time to recollect that this was the tomb of Minister Xue. Minister Xue was the younger brother of Feng Sheng’s deceased grandmother, which is why the elderly lady had referred to him as her grandson. Feng Sheng realized that he had encountered a ghost, but he still didn’t know who Xin Fourteenth Miss was.

He returned home, absentmindedly picked an auspicious date, and waited for that day to come. However, he couldn’t shake off the fear that his marriage cont

On the day of the wedding, Feng Sheng cleaned the house and the path, and his servants took turns waiting for the arrival of the beautiful lady. However, even until midnight, there was no sign or sound of her, and Feng Sheng began to lose hope. Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the door. Feng Sheng hastily put on his shoes and went outside, only to see a bridal sedan chair parked in the courtyard. A maid had assisted Xin Fourteenth Miss to sit in the green pavilion. There was minimal dowry, only a large jar-shaped money jar that two burly servants had carried and placed in a corner of the hall.

Feng Sheng was delighted to have such a beautiful bride and had no suspicion that Xin Fourteenth Miss might not be human. He asked her, “Why is your family so accommodating to a deceased spirit?” Xin Fourteenth Miss replied, “Minister Xue is currently the Fifth Imperial Inspector in charge of hunting ghosts and spirits within a few hundred miles. So, it’s rare for ghosts and foxes to return to their graves regularly.” Feng Sheng didn’t forget his matchmaker, and the next day, he went to pay respects at Minister Xue’s tomb. When he returned home, he saw two maids bringing a precious embroidered silk as a congratulatory gift and placing it on a table. Feng Sheng informed Xin Fourteenth Miss, and she recognized it, saying, “This belongs to the County Lord’s family.”

In this county, there was a son of the Assistant Minister named Chu, who had been a childhood classmate of Feng Sheng, and they had a close relationship. Young Master Chu heard the rumors that Feng Sheng had married a fox spirit, and three days after the wedding, he sent food and wine as gifts, followed by a visit to Feng’s home to offer congratulations. A few days later, Young Master Chu sent a letter inviting Feng Sheng for a drink. Upon hearing this, Xin Fourteenth Miss warned Feng Sheng, saying, “When Young Master Chu visited a few days ago, I peeked through a crack in the wall and saw that he had monkey-like eyes and a hawk-like nose. It’s best not to have too much contact with him.” Feng Sheng agreed not to go.

The next day, Young Master Chu came to reproach Feng Sheng for not keeping the appointment and brought a new composition as a gift. Feng Sheng’s comments in response contained mockery, and Young Master Chu felt greatly ashamed. They parted ways on bad terms. Feng Sheng returned to his room and chuckled as he recounted the incident. Xin Fourteenth Miss wore a sorrowful expression and said, “Young Master Chu is as ruthless as a jackal and should not be approached. If you don’t heed my advice, disaster will befall you!” Feng Sheng just smiled and expressed his gratitude. Later on, Feng Sheng noticed that Young Master Chu was always complimenting him and making jokes, gradually mending their previous rift.

At the time, the Superintendent of Education was overseeing an examination, and Young Master Chu ranked first, while Feng Sheng came in second. Young Master Chu was quite pleased with himself and sent someone to invite Feng Sheng for a drink. Feng Sheng initially declined but eventually accepted after being invited multiple times. Upon arrival, he realized it was Young Master Chu’s birthday, and the banquet was lavish with a full house of guests.

Young Master Chu proudly displayed the examination papers to Feng Sheng, and friends and family crowded around, admiring and praising them. After several rounds of drinks, music played in the hall, with lively and wild melodies that delighted both guests and hosts. Suddenly, Young Master Chu turned to Feng Sheng and said, “There’s a saying, ‘In the examination hall, don’t discuss poetry.’ Now I know this saying is utterly wrong. The reason I ranked ahead of you is because the opening lines of my essay were slightly better.” After Young Master Chu spoke, the guests at the table praised him with admiration.

Feng Sheng, unable to contain himself in his drunken state, burst into laughter and said, “Do you still think it was your essay that got you first place?” After Feng Sheng’s remark, the faces of the guests at the table changed, and Young Master Chu was left embarrassed and speechless, seething with anger. As the guests gradually dispersed, Feng Sheng made a hasty exit as well.

After sobering up, Feng Sheng deeply regretted his words and confessed the incident to Xin Fourteenth Miss. Xin Fourteenth Miss expressed her displeasure, saying, “You are truly an ignorant and frivolous country youth! Treating a gentleman with such levity will lead to a loss of virtue. Using such an attitude towards a villain will bring calamity upon yourself. You are not far from disaster! I can’t bear to watch you fall into ruin. Please allow me to bid farewell to you now.” Feng Sheng was filled with fear, tears streaming down his face, and he shared his remorse with Xin Fourteenth Miss.

Xin Fourteenth Miss said, “If you want me to stay, we must make an agreement. Starting from today, you must stay indoors and cut off all social interactions. You are not allowed to drink casually.” Feng Sheng complied with her conditions. Xin Fourteenth Miss managed the household diligently, handled matters efficiently, and spent her days spinning and weaving. She occasionally visited her parents but never stayed overnight. She also frequently took out money and fabric to sustain their livelihood. Any surplus money from the day was deposited into a large money jar. She kept the doors closed throughout the day and instructed servants to turn away any visitors.

One day, Young Master Chu sent a messenger with a letter, but Xin Fourteenth Miss burned the letter without informing Feng Sheng. The following day, when Feng Sheng went out to the city to pay his respects to a deceased person, he encountered Young Master Chu at the home of the deceased. Young Master Chu grabbed his arm and persistently invited him. Feng Sheng made excuses, but Young Master Chu had a servant fetch his horse and surrounded him. Upon arriving at the Chu residence, Young Master Chu immediately ordered a lavish feast. Feng Sheng again expressed his desire to return home early.

Young Master Chu continued to persuade him and even had a female musician come out to play the zither. Feng Sheng, who had been confined at home and felt quite bored, suddenly found an opportunity to indulge in drinking. He became merry and disregarded Xin Fourteenth Miss’s instructions. Consequently, he drank heavily and eventually collapsed at the table.

Young Master Chu’s wife, Lady Ruan, was known for her jealousy and cruelty. None of the maids or concubines in the house dared to groom or adorn themselves. On the previous day, one of the maids entered the study, and Lady Ruan caught her and beat her with a wooden staff, causing her to die instantly. Young Master Chu had been nursing a grudge against Feng Sheng due to his mockery and insults. He harbored a desire for revenge and hatched a plan to get Feng Sheng drunk and frame him.

Taking advantage of Feng Sheng’s drunken, deep sleep, Young Master Chu placed the maid’s corpse on the bed, locked the door, and left. Around dawn, Feng Sheng woke up from his stupor and realized he was lying on a table. When he got up to look for his bed and pillow, he felt something soft under his feet. Upon touching it, he discovered it was a person. He initially thought it was a young servant sent by the host to keep him company. He attempted to kick the person, but the individual remained motionless, already stiff.

Filled with fear, Feng Sheng rushed out of the room, shouting in panic. All the servants gathered, and when they lit a fire and saw the corpse, they immediately seized Feng Sheng and angrily accused him. Young Master Chu came to examine the body and falsely accused Feng Sheng of raping and murdering the maid. Feng Sheng was subsequently arrested and taken to Guangping County.

After a day had passed, Xin Fourteenth Miss received the news. Tearfully, she said, “I knew this day would come!” She sent some money to Feng Sheng according to the date. When Feng Sheng faced the magistrate, there was no room for argument. He endured torture morning and night, suffering severe injuries.

Xin Fourteenth Miss personally visited him, but when they met, the weight of his unjust predicament left him too melancholic to speak. Xin Fourteenth Miss realized that the trap had been set too deep and advised Feng Sheng to falsely confess to the crime to avoid further punishment. With tears in his eyes, Feng Sheng agreed to follow her advice.

Xin Fourteenth Miss moved between her home and the prison, remaining hidden from view even when people were nearby. Upon returning home, she sighed and regretted her actions. She hastily dismissed her maidservant, living alone for several days.

Then, she sought the services of a matchmaker and purchased a decent woman named Lu’er, who had reached marriageable age and possessed a fair appearance. She shared her bed and meals with Lu’er, displaying more affection and care than she had shown to any other servant.

Feng Sheng admitted to the accidental killing of the maidservant while under the influence of alcohol. He was sentenced to execution. His servants returned with the news, weeping as they spoke. Xin Fourteenth Miss appeared calm and unaffected, as if she were indifferent to the news.

As the day of the autumn execution approached, Xin Fourteenth Miss became increasingly anxious and restless. She paced day and night, weeping bitterly whenever she found herself alone, leading to a significant loss of sleep and appetite. One afternoon, around the time of the Shen hour, the fox-woman maidservant she had initially sent out suddenly returned.

Xin Fourteenth Miss immediately stood up, ushered her into an empty room for a private conversation, and emerged from the room with a smile on her face, going about her household duties as usual.

The following day, Feng Sheng sent a message through his servant requesting Xin Fourteenth Miss’s final farewell visit. When the servant returned with the message, Xin Fourteenth Miss responded indifferently and placed it aside. The family members secretly discussed her heartlessness.

Suddenly, there was a widespread rumor in the streets that Chu, the Assistant Minister of Rites, had been dismissed, and the Inspector of Pingyang was specially appointed to handle Feng Sheng’s case. The servants were overjoyed and informed Xin Fourteenth Miss. She too was delighted and immediately sent someone to the yamen to check on Feng Sheng, who had already been released from prison. They reunited in a mixture of sorrow and joy.

Soon after, the authorities apprehended Young Master Chu and, upon interrogation, the full truth of the matter was revealed. Feng Sheng was promptly released and returned home.

When Feng Sheng returned home and saw Xin Fourteenth Miss, he cried tears of sorrow, and Xin Fourteenth Miss, facing him, also displayed a pained expression. After the initial sadness, happiness returned. However, Feng Sheng remained unaware of how his case had come to the Emperor’s attention. Xin Fourteenth Miss smiled and pointed to the maidservant, saying, “This is your savior.” Feng Sheng asked in amazement for the reasons behind this.

Before this, Xin Fourteenth Miss had dispatched the maidservant to travel to Yanjing, aiming to reach the Imperial Palace and plead for Feng Sheng’s case. However, upon arrival, the maidservant found the palace guarded by divine forces, making it impossible to enter. Fearing further complications, she was about to return for further deliberation when she heard that the current Emperor was planning to visit Datong. So, the maidservant hastened to Datong in advance, disguised as a destitute courtesan.

When the Emperor arrived at the brothel, he favored the maidservant greatly. Suspecting that she was not a common woman, he inquired when she lowered her head in tears. He asked, “Do you suffer from some grievance?” The maidservant replied, “I originally belonged to Guangping County and am the daughter of a scholar named Feng. Due to an unjust case, my father was sentenced to death, and I was sold into this brothel.” The Emperor’s expression turned sorrowful, and he rewarded her with a hundred taels of gold.

Before leaving, the Emperor meticulously inquired about the details of the case, recorded names on paper, and expressed a desire to share wealth and prosperity with the maidservant. She replied, “I only wish for a reunion with my father; I do not desire fine clothes and exquisite meals.” The Emperor nodded in agreement, and the maidservant departed. She shared these circumstances with Feng Sheng, who immediately knelt down, tears glistening in his eyes.

Not long after, Xin Fourteenth Miss suddenly said to Feng Sheng, “If it weren’t for the ties of destiny, I wouldn’t have encountered these troubles. When you were arrested, I went around among relatives, but no one helped me find a solution. The sour and bitter feelings I had back then had nowhere to be expressed. Now, I find myself increasingly weary of the worldly suffering. I have already arranged a suitable partner for you, and we can part ways from here.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Sheng wept uncontrollably, falling to the ground. Xin Fourteenth Miss did not leave at that moment. That night, she sent Lu Er to accompany Feng Sheng to sleep, but he refused. The following morning, Feng Sheng noticed that Xin Fourteenth Miss’s appearance had suddenly diminished. Over the course of a month, she gradually showed signs of aging, and six months later, her complexion darkened, resembling a rural elderly woman. However, Feng Sheng continued to hold her in high regard and never wavered in his affection.

At this point, she suddenly bid farewell once more, saying, “You have a contented companion, so why should you still have this old and ugly wife?” Feng Sheng, heartbroken, continued to treat her with the same affection as before. After another month, Xin Fourteenth Miss fell seriously ill, refusing food and drink, lying weakly in her room. Feng Sheng attended to her, caring for her like one would for their parents. However, neither magic nor medicine proved effective, and Xin Fourteenth Miss eventually passed away. Feng Sheng, overwhelmed with grief, used the money given by the Emperor to the maidservant to arrange her funeral.

A few days later, the fox-like maidservant also left, and Feng Sheng then took Lu Er as his wife.

A year later, they had a son. However, due to consecutive crop failures, their financial situation deteriorated, and the couple found themselves in constant worry. They suddenly remembered the large money jar in the corner of the hall. They used to see Xin Fourteenth Miss putting money into it, but they weren’t sure if it was still there. Upon closer inspection, they found it filled with soy sauce jars and salt containers. They removed these items one by one and tried to insert chopsticks into the money jar, but it was so tightly packed that they couldn’t. They broke it open, and coins scattered all over the place, making them instantly wealthy.

Later, an old servant went to Mount Taihua and saw Xin Fourteenth Miss riding a green ox with the maidservant on a donkey following behind. Xin Fourteenth Miss asked, “How is Feng Lang doing?” and said, “Please tell your master that I have been recognized as an immortal now.” After saying this, she disappeared from sight.

Yi Shi said: Frivolous words often come from scholars, which is a cause for deep concern among gentlemen. I, too, once bore the accusation of speaking frivolously, finding my own self-pity overly conservative. Nevertheless, I have never ceased my diligent self-improvement, aiming to elevate myself to the ranks of gentlemen. As for whether this is a curse or a blessing, I no longer concern myself with it. People like Feng Sheng, who uttered words without caution, almost brought calamity upon themselves. If it weren’t for his celestial wife, how could he have escaped from prison and survived in this world? It’s truly frightening!

















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