Dragon Fetching Water: Unveiling the Mysteries of Dragons and Rainmaking Legends

Explore the ancient Chinese legend of dragons fetching water to make it rain, as witnessed by Xu Dong during his travels in the southern regions. Learn about the fascinating connection between dragons and rainmaking.

In folklore, it is said that dragons can fetch water from rivers to make it rain, which is a somewhat unbelievable claim. During his travels in the southern regions, Xu Dong witnessed a peculiar sight as his boat was anchored along the banks of the Yangtze River. He saw a pale dragon descending from the clouds, using its tail to stir the river’s waters, causing waves to surge as the water flowed up into the sky along the dragon’s body. From a distance, the water shimmered brightly, wider than a twelve-yard bolt of white silk. After some time, the dragon retracted its tail, and the water instantly calmed. Shortly thereafter, a heavy downpour poured down, submerging the ditches and roads.



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