Fox Capture: Confrontation with a Shape-Shifting Creature

A tale of courage and cunning as an elderly man captures a mysterious fox-like creature in Chinese folklore.

There was an elderly man surnamed Sun, who was my wife’s uncle and had always been courageous. One day, he was resting in bed during the day, and suddenly felt like something was crawling onto the bed. He felt his body swaying as if he were riding on clouds and mist. He secretly wondered if he had encountered a mischievous fox spirit. He took a peek and saw a creature about the size of a cat, with yellow fur and a green beak, slowly crawling forward from his feet as if afraid to wake him up. The creature carefully climbed onto his body, and when it touched his feet, they went numb; when it touched his thighs, they went weak. Just as it had climbed to his belly, Sun, the old man, suddenly sat up, grabbed it with his hand, and seized its neck. The creature screeched in panic but couldn’t break free for a moment. Sun quickly called his wife and tied a strap around its waist. Then, he grabbed both ends of the strap with his hands and said with a smile, “I’ve heard that you are skilled in transformations, but now I’m watching you closely to see what you can do.” As soon as he finished speaking, the creature suddenly contracted its belly, making it as thin as a small tube, almost slipping out. Sun was greatly surprised and quickly tightened the strap. At this moment, the creature inflated its belly again, making it as thick as a bowl mouth, extremely hard, and the strap couldn’t tighten anymore. Sun loosened it slightly, and the creature shrank again. Afraid that it would escape, Sun urgently asked his wife to quickly kill it. His wife looked around in a panic, not knowing where the knife was placed. Sun turned his face to the left, indicating the location of the knife. When he turned back, he saw that the strap was like an empty ring in his hand, and the creature had disappeared without a trace.



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