Wang Qiao’s Flying Shoes: Supernatural Events at the Imperial Court

Discover the mysterious tale of Wang Qiao, a man with supernatural abilities, and his enigmatic visits to the imperial court with flying shoes during Emperor Han Ming's reign.

During the reign of Emperor Han Ming, Wang Qiao, a Shangshu Lang from Hedong, served as the magistrate of Ye County. Wang Qiao possessed supernatural abilities, and on the first day of each month, he frequently visited the imperial court from his county. The Emperor found it strange that he came so often without any accompanying entourage, so he secretly ordered the Court Historian to keep watch. The Court Historian reported that when Wang Qiao arrived, a pair of wild ducks would fly in from the southeast. Consequently, the Emperor dispatched people to lie in ambush and, upon seeing the wild ducks, they raised a net to capture them. However, what they caught was only a pair of shoes. Upon examination by the Bureau of Attendants, it was revealed that these shoes had been given as gifts during the fourth year of the Yongping era to officials of the Shangshu.



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