Wu Meng’s Wind-Controlling Feats: Tales of a Remarkable Daoist Magistrate

Explore the incredible stories of Wu Meng, a virtuous Daoist magistrate known for his wind-controlling abilities and remarkable feats. Discover his acts of filial piety and mastery of divine techniques.

Wu Meng is a native of Puyang. He served as an official in the state of Wu and was appointed as the magistrate of Xi’an County. He then settled his family in Fenzhen. Wu Meng was known for his filial piety. When he encountered a virtuous man named Ding Yi, he imparted to him divine techniques and also received secret magic symbols, becoming highly skilled in Daoism. Once, when he saw a strong wind, he drew a talisman and threw it onto the roof, causing a blue crow to carry it away, and the wind immediately ceased. When someone inquired about the reason, he said, “There is a small boat on South Lake, and a Daoist priest is seeking help when encountering this strong wind.” Upon investigation, it proved to be true. Magistrate Guan Qing of Wuning County had been dead for three days, but Wu Meng said, “His destiny has not yet ended; we should appeal to the heavens for this matter.” He then slept next to Guan Qing’s corpse. Several days later, Wu Meng and Magistrate Guan Qing both came back to life. Later, he returned to Yuzhang with his disciples. The river water was too fast to cross. Wu Meng used his white feather fan to make a stroke in the river, causing the water to part and create a land path. After everyone had crossed, the water returned to its original state. The onlookers were amazed. Wu Meng once stationed in Xunyang, and a sudden strong wind blew at the home of a soldier named Zhou. He immediately drew a talisman and threw it onto the roof, and after a while, the wind stopped.



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