Ning Fengzi Self-Immolation: The Mysterious Tale of an Ancient Potter

Discover the intriguing story of Ning Fengzi, an ancient potter in the time of the Yellow Emperor, who achieved mystical powers and self-immolated.

Ning Fengzi was a person from the time of the Yellow Emperor. It is said that he served as the chief potter for the Yellow Emperor, responsible for making pottery. A divine and mysterious person visited him and taught him the art of controlling fire, allowing him to enter and exit within the five-colored smoke and fire. Over time, he passed this magical technique to Fengzi. Fengzi piled up firewood and self-immolated, and his smoke rose to the heavens and spread across the earth. People examined the ashes and found his remains. They buried him together in the northern mountains of Ningyi, hence he became known as Ning Fengzi.



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