Changsheng’s Resurrections: The Mysterious Tale of a Village Constable

Explore the enigmatic story of Changsheng, a village constable from Guicheng, who experienced multiple resurrections and played a pivotal role in averting a disastrous flood.

In Guicheng, there was a village constable named Changsheng, and no one knew where he was from. He died multiple times but then came back to life, which puzzled the people of that time. Later, there was a great flood that caused a lot of damage. So, Changsheng stood on Quemen Mountain and shouted, saying, “Changsheng, the village constable, is here!” He also said, “Stop the rain, and the flood must recede within five days.” After the flood receded, people went up the mountain to find Changsheng, wanting to build a shrine to worship him, but all they found were the constable’s clothes, staff, and belt. Several decades later, Changsheng became the gatekeeper of the market in Huayin County.



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