Flood: Survival and Miracles Amidst Natural Disasters

Explore the tales of survival and miracles during the Kangxi reign's floods and earthquakes. Discover the extraordinary stories of filial piety and the whims of fate.

In the 21st year of Kangxi’s reign, a drought struck Shandong. From spring to summer, the land became desolate, with no greenery in sight. On the 13th day of June, there was a light rain, and only then could they sow grains. On the 18th of the same month, heavy rain finally came, allowing them to plant beans.

One day, in Shimen Village, an old man saw two oxen fighting on the mountain in the evening. He told the villagers, “A great flood is coming!” and moved away with his family. The villagers laughed at him. Before long, a sudden downpour began, continuing all night. The water level rose several feet on the flat ground, submerging all the houses. At that time, a farmer left behind his two children, holding his wife and helping his elderly mother as they fled to higher ground. When they looked back, the village had turned into a waterlogged area, and they could only hope for the safety of their children.

After the floodwaters receded, they returned home, only to find the whole village in ruins. However, when they entered their house, they discovered that one building had miraculously survived. Their two children sat side by side on the bed, playing and laughing, without any harm. People said this was a reward for the couple’s filial piety. This all happened on June 22nd.

In the 24th year of Kangxi’s reign, a severe earthquake struck Pingyang, causing the death of about seventy to eighty percent of the population. The entire city and its surroundings were reduced to ruins, with only one house miraculously surviving, which happened to belong to a filial son. Amidst the great catastrophe, it was only the descendants of obedient and filial families who remained unharmed. Who can say that heaven does not distinguish between black and white?




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