Yu Jiang: A Tale of Courage, Filial Piety, and Revenge

Explore the remarkable story of Yu Jiang, a courageous farmer's son whose chivalry and wisdom were driven by deep filial piety as he sought revenge against the wolves that took his father's life.

Once there was a farmer named Yu Jiang. One night, his father was sleeping in the field and was unfortunate to be eaten by a wolf. At that time, Yu Jiang was only sixteen years old. He picked up the shoes his father had left behind, filled with overwhelming grief.

One night, while his mother was asleep, Yu Jiang quietly left the house with a large iron hammer. He went to the field, lay down where his father had met his fate, and waited for the opportunity to avenge his father. Before long, a wolf arrived and circled around Yu Jiang, sniffing here and there. Yu Jiang remained completely still. After a while, the wolf began to sweep Yu Jiang’s forehead with its furry tail and then gradually lowered its head to lick his thigh, but Yu Jiang remained motionless.

Next, the wolf happily jumped in front of Yu Jiang, ready to bite his neck. Yu Jiang suddenly swung the iron hammer and struck the wolf’s head, causing the wolf to fall dead instantly. Yu Jiang leaped up and hid the wolf’s body in the grass. After a while, another wolf arrived, behaving just like the previous one, sniffing and sweeping before attempting to attack. Yu Jiang also killed this wolf.

By now, it was the middle of the night, and there were no more signs of wolves. Suddenly, a wave of sleepiness washed over Yu Jiang, and he dozed off. He dreamt of his father saying to him, “You have killed two wolves, which has already relieved the hatred in my heart. But the wicked wolf that led the attack on me has a white nose, and the ones you killed now do not.”

Upon waking, Yu Jiang persisted in lying there, waiting for the evil wolf with the white nose to arrive. He waited all night until daybreak but still didn’t see it. Yu Jiang wanted to bring the dead wolf home but was afraid of frightening his mother. So, he threw the wolf into a dry well before returning home.

The next night, Yu Jiang went to the field again but still had no success. This repeated for three or four nights. Suddenly, a wolf came and bit Yu Jiang’s foot, dragging him away. After a few steps, thorns pierced his flesh, and stones scraped his skin, but Yu Jiang endured it, remaining motionless like a dead man.

Only then did the wolf throw him on the ground, attempting to bite his abdomen. Yu Jiang suddenly jumped up, lifted the iron hammer, and struck the evil wolf with all his might. The wolf fell, and Yu Jiang continued to strike it several times until it was dead. Yu Jiang carefully observed the wolf and indeed saw the white nose.

Yu Jiang was overjoyed and carried the evil wolf back home, then recounted the revenge story to his mother. With tears in her eyes, his mother followed him to the scene, and Yu Jiang pulled out the bodies of the two dead wolves from the dry well.

The chronicler of strange tales said: “Among the children of rural households, there exists such an outstanding figure! His chivalry and valor stem from his deep filial piety, not only displaying great courage but also extraordinary wisdom!”




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