The Story of Zhucheng’s Unusual Case: A Bizarre Tale of Laughter, Survival, and Unexpected Consequences

Explore the astonishing story of Zhucheng, where a man's head laughed off but didn't die, leading to a bizarre lawsuit years later.

Mr. Sun Jingxia, a teacher at the county school, said that in Zhucheng County, someone encountered bandits causing havoc. He was killed and his head hung in front of his chest. After the bandits retreated, his family found his corpse and intended to carry it away for burial. However, they heard a faint breath and upon closer examination, they found that his throat had been cut by a finger’s width, but not completely severed. So, his family supported his head and carried him back home. After a day and a night, he began to moan, and his family fed him a little food with a spoon and chopsticks. Surprisingly, half a year later, he had completely recovered.

More than ten years later, this man gathered with two or three people for a chat. Someone told a joke that made everyone burst into laughter, and this man also applauded and laughed heartily. Unexpectedly, in the midst of laughing heartily, the wound on his throat suddenly burst open, and his head fell to the ground, blood gushing out. Everyone saw that he had already passed away. His father accused the person who told the joke. They collected some money, sent it, and paid for the burial expenses to settle the matter.

Yi Shi said: A laughter that laughed the head off, this is the greatest laughter in history. The head was connected to the neck by a thread but didn’t die, and it was only after ten years that it led to a lawsuit caused by laughter. Isn’t it the result of those two or three neighbors in their past lives owing him a debt!




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