Dragon Birth: A Remarkable Tale of Myth and Miracle

Discover the incredible story of a woman in Xingcun Village during the Kangxi reign, who gave birth to a posthumous child amidst myths and miracles.

In the twenty-first year of the Kangxi reign, in Xingcun Village of this county, the daughter-in-law of the Li family, whose husband had passed away, was pregnant with a posthumous child. Her belly would swell like a jar at times and then become so slender that it could be grasped with one hand. When she went into labor, she did not give birth for a whole day and night. Upon examination, they saw a dragon’s head exposed briefly before retracting. The family was greatly terrified and dared not approach. There was an elderly lady named Wang who lit incense, took auspicious steps, and chanted incantations while pressing on the pregnant woman’s belly. Before long, the afterbirth fell, but the dragon was no longer visible, only a few scales, each as large as the mouth of a cup. Following this, she gave birth to a baby girl whose skin was as translucent as crystal, and even her internal organs could be clearly seen.



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