The Earth God’s Wife: Unveiling the Mysteries of a Divine Affair

Explore the intriguing tale of the Earth God's wife and the scandalous affair that shook a village. Uncover the truth behind this divine enigma.

In Diaoqiao, there was a man named Wang Bing. One day, as he was leaving the village, he saw a beautiful woman coming out of the Earth God’s temple. She was very flirtatious with him, batting her eyelashes and making advances. Wang Bing responded with some flirtatious words and teasing, and the beautiful woman happily showed her willingness to accept his advances. They wanted to get closer but had nowhere to go, so they agreed to meet at night. Wang Bing then shared his address with the beautiful woman.

That night, the beautiful woman indeed came, and they indulged in pleasures. Wang Bing asked for her name, but she insisted on not revealing it. From then on, they continued to see each other regularly. Sometimes, Wang Bing would be in bed with his wife, and the beautiful woman would still come to be with him, and his wife seemed completely unaware of her presence. Astonished, Wang Bing asked for the reason, and the beautiful woman replied, “Because I am the Earth God’s wife.”

Wang Bing was horrified and wanted to break off the relationship, but no matter what he tried, he couldn’t prevent her from coming. This continued for half a year, and Wang Bing became weak and bedridden. The visits from the beautiful woman became even more frequent, and even the family members could see her. Soon, Wang Bing did indeed pass away, but the beautiful woman continued to visit every day. Wang Bing’s wife scolded the beautiful woman, saying, “You shameless demon! He’s already dead, what more do you want?” So, the beautiful woman left and never returned.

Although the Earth God is a minor deity, it is still a god. How could it allow its wife to elope without consequences? It shouldn’t be so confused to let things reach this point. I don’t know what has clouded its judgment, leading future generations to believe that there was a filthy and promiscuous god in this village with improper behavior. It’s really unjust!




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