The Muddy Scholar: A Tale of Deception and Revenge

Explore the mysterious tale of the Muddy Scholar, where jealousy and supernatural forces collide in a story of deception and revenge.

In the village of Luo, there was a man named Chen Dai, who was both foolish and ugly from a young age. He married a wife named Mrs. Mou, who was very beautiful. Chen’s wife felt dissatisfied with her husband, considering him inferior to others, and she was often depressed. However, she remained chaste and virtuous, and there were no conflicts between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. One night, as Chen’s wife was sleeping alone, she suddenly heard a gust of wind blow the door open. A scholar walked in, took off his clothes, removed his headdress, and lay down beside Chen’s wife to sleep together. Chen’s wife was terrified and resisted desperately, but she became weak and helpless from head to toe, and had to allow the scholar to have his way before he left. From then on, the scholar came every night. Over a month later, Chen’s wife looked haggard, and her mother-in-law was deeply puzzled, so she asked for the reason. At first, Chen’s wife was ashamed and didn’t want to reveal the truth. After repeated questioning, she finally confessed. Her mother-in-law exclaimed in horror, “This is the work of a demon!” She tried various methods to restrain and curse the scholar, but nothing could stop him from coming. So she had Chen Dai hide in the room, holding a wooden stick, waiting in the darkness. In the middle of the night, the scholar came again, placing his headdress on the table and taking off his robe, hanging it on a clothes rack. Just as he was about to get into bed, he suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, there’s the scent of a living person!” He hastily put on his clothes again. Chen Dai suddenly leaped up in the darkness and struck the scholar’s waist with a “bang.” After looking around, the scholar had vanished. Using a torch to illuminate the scene, they found a piece of muddy clothing on the ground, and the muddy headdress was still on the table.



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