The Huang family’s wealth is lost in an amusing way and never comes back.

During the Wucheng period of the Northern Qi dynasty, there was a family named Huang living in the south of the ancient city of Anyang County. His ancestors were all very wealthy.

A fortune-teller told him that his family’s wealth was about to leave, and warned him to guard it carefully. If the wealth left, his family would become very poor. His family assigned guards to watch over the house every night.

One night, a group of people dressed in yellow, riding horses, came out of the north gate. Another group of people dressed in white, riding horses, came out of the west gate. A third group of people dressed in green, riding horses, came out of the east garden gate.

They all asked how far away Zhao Yu’s house was. t the time, the people in the Huang family had forgotten about the fortune-teller’s warning. After the three groups of people left, the Huang family realized what had happened.

They beat their chests in regret, but it was too late to catch them. The people dressed in yellow, white, and green were all the Huang family’s wealth in the form of gold, silver, and money.

A long time later, a man with a broken leg came out carrying a load of firewood. He also asked how far away Zhao Yu’s house was. The Huang family remembered the fortune-teller’s warning and ordered their servants to beat him.

When they got closer, they realized it was just their broken-legged frying pan. From that day on, the Huang family gradually became poor. When the head of the family died, they had nothing left.

from 《广古今五行记》

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