Xu Guang Planting Melons: A Tale of Eastern Wu in the Three Kingdoms Era

Explore the intriguing story of Xu Guang, the magician who planted melons and made accurate predictions in the Three Kingdoms era, leading to a fateful execution.

In the Three Kingdoms era, there was a man in Eastern Wu named Xu Guang. He once performed magic tricks in the market. When he asked for melons from a melon seller and was refused, he took a melon seed and planted it in the ground with his staff. In no time, the melon seed sprouted, vine spread, bloomed, and bore fruit. Xu Guang then picked the melon and shared it with the onlookers. When the melon seller returned to check his melons, they were all gone. Xu Guang’s predictions about droughts and floods were always accurate. As he passed by the gate of the great general Sun, he lifted his clothes and hurriedly spat on both sides of the road. When someone asked why, he replied, “The smell of blood makes people uncomfortable.” When Sun heard this, he grew resentful and had Xu Guang killed. They beheaded him, but there was no blood. Later, when Sun was deposed and Emperor Jing was enthroned, they prepared to worship their ancestors. As soon as they got on the chariot, a strong wind blew, overturning Sun’s carriage. Sun saw Xu Guang clapping and gesturing on a pine tree, mocking him. Sun inquired with his attendants, but none of them saw Xu Guang. Not long after, Emperor Jing had Sun executed.



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