Han Yin, the Beggar Boy of the Market: A Tale of Resilience in Chang’an

Discover the inspiring story of Han Yin, a beggar boy in Chang'an, who faced adversity with unwavering determination.

Young Han Yin, a beggar boy from beneath the Wei Bridge in Chang’an, often begged at the market. The people at the market grew tired of him and poured dung on him. Soon after, he returned to the market to beg, his clothes clean as before. When the county magistrate learned of this, he arrested Han Yin and put him in chains and handcuffs. However, he quickly resumed begging at the market. The magistrate tried to arrest him again with the intention to kill him, but Han Yin left the area. The homes of those who had poured dung on him collapsed on their own, crushing over ten people. In Chang’an, there is a popular song: “When you see a beggar boy, offer him fine wine to avoid the disaster of collapsing houses.”



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