Thunder God: Descend to The World

Discover the incredible journey of Le Yunhe, his unwavering friendship with Xia Pingzi, a life-changing encounter with a Thunder God, and the remarkable destiny that awaited him in this captivating narrative of virtue and destiny.

Le Yunhe and Xia Pingzi grew up together in the same village when they were young, and they attended the same school as they grew older, becoming very close friends. Xia Pingzi was exceptionally intelligent from a young age and had already gained some fame by the age of ten. Le Yunhe humbly learned from him, and Xia Pingzi tirelessly imparted his knowledge. As a result, Le Yunhe’s literary talents improved daily, and soon both of them became equally renowned. However, both Le Yunhe and Xia Pingzi faced unfortunate circumstances in the imperial examination, as they failed every time they participated.

Before long, Xia Pingzi succumbed to a plague, leaving his family in dire straits with no means for a proper burial. Le Yunhe stepped forward willingly and took on the responsibility of burying his deceased friend. He provided timely assistance to Xia Pingzi’s widow and infant left behind. Every time he received one and a half sheng of grain, Le Yunhe would divide it equally, ensuring both families shared it. It was through his support that Xia Pingzi’s widow and orphans were able to survive. As a result, scholars held Le Yunhe in even higher esteem for his virtuous and righteous deeds.

Le Yunhe had little family wealth and had to share the burden of Xia Pingzi’s responsibilities, which made their livelihood increasingly difficult. Thus, Le Yunhe sighed and said, “Talented individuals like Pingzi have died in obscurity. What’s more, someone as ordinary as me! In this world, we should enjoy life in a timely manner. Living in misery year-round, I fear that I won’t live long enough to achieve fame and contribute to the country. I’ve lived in vain for a lifetime; it’s better to find a solution early.” Consequently, he gave up the imperial examination and turned to business. After half a year of effort, he achieved a comfortable life with his growing wealth.

One day, Le Yunhe was staying as a guest in Jinling city, resting in an inn. He saw a man with a tall and robust physique, but with a sorrowful expression, wandering around him. Le Yunhe asked him, “Would you like to have something to eat?” The man remained silent. Le Yunhe pushed some food towards him and encouraged him to eat. The man reached out and quickly devoured the food. Le Yunhe then bought two more meals for both of them, and the man ate them all. Le Yunhe instructed the innkeeper to cut a large piece of pork knuckle and arranged a table full of steamed cakes for the man to eat. The man consumed several people’s worth of food in one go, finally filling his stomach. He thanked Le Yunhe and said, “I haven’t eaten this much in three years.” Le Yunhe remarked, “You must be a strong man. Why have you fallen into such poverty?” The man replied, “I have offended the heavens and received punishment, which I cannot speak of.” Le Yunhe asked where he lived, and the man said, “I have no house on land, no boat on the water. I wander in the village during the morning and in the city at night, with no fixed abode.”

Le Yunhe packed his belongings, preparing to leave, but the man followed him, reluctant to part. When Le Yunhe bid him farewell, the man said, “You are about to face great adversity, and I cannot forget the kindness of the meal you provided.” Le Yunhe found it strange but agreed to let him accompany him. On the way, Le Yunhe offered the man another meal, but the man declined, saying, “I only eat a few meals a year; that’s enough.” Le Yunhe felt even more puzzled.

The next day, as Le Yunhe was crossing the river with his cargo, a sudden and violent wind arose, causing the river waves to surge. Shortly thereafter, the merchant ship capsized, and both Le Yunhe and the other man fell into the river. After a while, the wind ceased, and the man emerged from the water with Le Yunhe on his back, walking on the waves. He boarded a passenger boat, placed Le Yunhe on it, and then jumped back into the water. Before long, he dragged another boat from the water and helped Le Yunhe onto it. He instructed Le Yunhe to lie still in the boat and not move. Once again, the man jumped into the river, using his arms to carry the cargo to the surface. He tossed the cargo into the boat that Le Yunhe was on, then plunged back into the water. After several back-and-forths like this, the boat was filled to the brim with cargo. Le Yunhe was extremely grateful to the man and said, “You’ve saved my life, and that’s more than enough. I dare not hope to recover these goods!” When Le Yunhe counted the cargo on the boat, he realized that not a single item was lost. He grew even fonder of the man, believing he had encountered a divine being.

Le Yunhe untied the moorings, preparing to set sail. The man bid him farewell, but Le Yunhe refused to let him go, pleading with him to stay. Eventually, the man agreed to accompany Le Yunhe across the river. Le Yunhe smiled and said, “After enduring this calamity, I’ve only lost a golden hairpin. It’s truly a great fortune.” Hearing this, the man was about to jump into the river to search for it, but Le Yunhe quickly dissuaded him. However, the man had already disappeared into the river. Le Yunhe stood there in astonishment for a while, but suddenly, he saw the man resurface with a smile on his face. He handed the golden hairpin to Le Yunhe, saying, “Thank goodness I didn’t disappoint your expectations.” Those on the riverbanks witnessed this scene in amazement.

Le Yunhe and the other man returned to their hometown, spending their days together. The man would only eat a meal every ten days, and each time, the amount of food he consumed was immeasurable. One day, the man bid farewell to Le Yunhe, who tried hard to persuade him to stay. Although it was daytime, the sky was covered by dark clouds, as if it was about to rain. Distant rumbling thunder could be heard. Le Yunhe said, “I wonder what’s happening in the clouds? What is thunder? If we could go up to the sky, we could unravel this mystery.” The man smiled and said, “Are you planning to roam in the clouds?”

Not long after, Le Yunhe felt unusually tired and lay down on the bed for a nap. When he woke up, he felt his body swaying, as if he wasn’t lying on the bed. Opening his eyes, he found himself surrounded by clouds, with fluffy clouds all around him. Le Yunhe stood up in amazement and felt dizzy, as if he was sitting on a boat. When he tried to step on the clouds with his feet, they were soft, and it seemed as though he wasn’t touching anything solid. Looking up, he saw countless stars right before his eyes, embedded in the sky like lotus seeds on a lotus pod. Some were as large as big jars, others as medium-sized jars, and the smallest ones were as large as wine glasses or rice bowls. Le Yunhe reached out and touched the stars; the large ones remained unmoved, but the small ones could be moved and seemed like they could be plucked. So, Le Yunhe plucked one of the small stars and concealed it in his sleeve. He pushed aside the clouds and looked down, only to see an endless sea of silvery clouds, and the outlines of the cities on the ground were as small as beans. He couldn’t help but be terrified, thinking that if he slipped and fell, he had no idea where his body would end up.

After a while, Le Yunhe saw two dragons comfortably driving a magnificent carriage from a distance. The dragon tails cracked like whips, making crisp sounds. The carriage was loaded with various utensils, and it had a circumference of several zhang, all filled with water. There were dozens of people, using these utensils to scoop water and sprinkle it throughout the clouds. They suddenly noticed Le Yunhe and found it very strange. Le Yunhe saw the strong man who had previously saved him among them and told everyone, “He is my friend.” The man then brought an implement and handed it to Le Yunhe, allowing him to join in the water-sprinkling efforts. At that time, the earth was suffering from drought, and Le Yunhe took the implement, cleared the clouds, and poured water in the direction of his hometown. Before long, the man approached Le Yunhe and said, “I am a thunder god. I was punished to descend to the human world for three years due to a mistake in my work. Today, my sentence is complete, so let’s bid farewell here.” Saying this, the thunder god threw a rope, more than ten thousand feet long, in front of Le Yunhe and told him to hold onto the rope and descend. Le Yunhe was very afraid and hesitant to take the rope, but the thunder god smiled and said, “It’s okay.” Following his instructions, Le Yunhe firmly grasped the rope and descended. He heard the sound of the wind rushing past his ears, and in the blink of an eye, he landed on the ground. Le Yunhe looked around and found himself outside the village. The rope that had lowered him was slowly drawn back into the clouds and soon disappeared. At that time, due to the prolonged drought, there was only a shallow rain shower in places ten miles away, but Le Yunhe’s village was exceptionally fortunate as the rainwater filled the ditches to the brim.

When Le Yunhe returned home, he reached into his sleeve and found that the small star he had plucked was still there. He took it out and placed it on the table. It appeared dark and dull, like a stone. However, at night, the star emitted a radiant light, illuminating the surrounding walls. Le Yunhe treasured this gem immensely and carefully wrapped it in layers for safekeeping. Only when noble and refined guests visited would he take it out, letting it shine within the room and adding to the ambiance of the gathering. When people looked directly at the star, its brilliant beams would be so intense that they couldn’t keep their eyes open.

One night, as Le Yunhe’s wife was washing her hair facing the star, she suddenly noticed the starlight diminishing. Eventually, it started fluttering around the room like fireflies. Bewildered, Le’s wife tried to get rid of it but couldn’t, and the star ended up in her mouth, swallowed into her stomach. She was filled with fear and hurried to inform Le Yunhe, who was equally puzzled by the strange occurrence.

That night, after falling asleep, Le Yunhe dreamt that Xia Pingzi had come to him. Xia Pingzi said, “I am the Little Dipper star from the heavens. I will forever remember your kindness and favor. Furthermore, you brought me from the heavens to the human realm, so our bond remains unbroken. Today, I wish to be reborn as your son, to repay your great kindness and virtue.” Le Yunhe was thirty years old at this time and had no children, so he was overjoyed by the dream. From that moment on, his wife indeed became pregnant. On the day of delivery, the entire room was filled with radiant light, just like the star had shone on the table. As a result, Le Yunhe named his child “Xing’er” (meaning “Star Child”). Xing’er grew up to be very sharp and exceptionally intelligent, and at the young age of sixteen, he passed the imperial examination to become a scholar.

The chronicler of strange tales said: Le Yunhe had gained great fame in the world for his skill in writing, but suddenly, he felt that his destined place was not here. He abandoned the life of studying and writing, much like Ban Chao, who left his writing behind to become a soldier. How different their paths were. As for the Thunder God’s gratitude for a single meal and Xia Pingzi’s repayment of his friend’s kindness, can it be said that gods and humans repay personal favors? In reality, it is the Creator who justly rewards virtuous and exceptional individuals!








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