Spraying Water: The Mysterious Events in Laiyang

A shocking discovery in Laiyang as a family finds lifeless bodies and a mysterious old woman who can spray water like no other.

When Mr. Song Yushu, a resident of Laiyang, served as an official in a certain department, he rented a remote house. One night, two maids were accompanying Mr. Song’s elderly mother in the hall when suddenly they heard a “swooshing” sound in the courtyard, like the sound of a tailor spraying water on clothes. Mrs. Song urged the maids to get up and investigate. The maids secretly made a small hole in the window paper and looked outside. They saw an old lady, short in stature, hunchbacked, with white hair like a broom, and wearing a bun on her head, about two feet long. The old lady walked around the courtyard in circles, taking big steps like a crane, spraying water as she walked, and the water she sprayed seemed endless. The maids were very surprised and returned to tell Mrs. Song. After hearing this, Mrs. Song was also frightened and got out of bed with the help of the two maids. They looked out of the window together. The old lady in the courtyard suddenly approached the window, spraying water directly at the window mullions. The window paper was broken by the water, and all three people in the room fell to the ground, but the people in the house still did not know about these events.

The day had already dawned, and the family had gathered together. They knocked on the door here, but there was no response, which made them panic. When they finally pried open the door and went inside, they saw a master and two servants lying dead in the room side by side. One of the maids still had some warmth in her chest, so they helped her up and gave her water to drink. After an hour, the maid finally regained consciousness, and then she recounted everything she had seen. When Mr. Song arrived, he was filled with unbearable grief. He carefully searched for the place where the old woman had disappeared, dug more than three feet deep, and gradually exposed white hair. Continuing to dig, they unearthed a corpse that matched the maid’s description. The face of the corpse was swollen, resembling a living person. Mr. Song ordered his family to beat the corpse, and they immediately saw the flesh and bones falling apart, and the skin was filled with clear water.




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