Ear Inhabitant: A Strange Encounter with a Tiny Being

Tan Jinxuan's unusual experience with a small creature inhabiting his ear during qigong practice.

Tan Jinxuan was a student in the county school. He had great faith in the art of qigong and health preservation, and he persevered in practicing it, whether in the harsh winter or scorching summer, without interruption. After several months of practice, he felt that he had made some progress. One day, while he was meditating with crossed legs, he suddenly heard a faint voice in his ears, like the buzzing of a fly, saying, “You can come out now.” However, when he opened his eyes, he couldn’t hear it anymore. When he closed his eyes again to adjust his breathing, he heard the same voice once more. He thought that he was on the verge of achieving a major breakthrough in his inner alchemy and felt secretly delighted. From then on, every time he meditated, he could hear the voice speaking. So, he decided to wait for the voice to speak again and respond to it to see what would happen. One day, he heard the voice in his ear again, and he softly replied, “You can come out now.” Soon after, he felt his ears itching and hurting, as if something was coming out. He sneaked a sideways glance and saw a small creature about three inches tall, with a grotesque and ugly face like a demon, moving around on the ground. He was secretly amazed and decided to watch the creature closely to see if there were any changes. Suddenly, a neighbor came to borrow something and knocked on his door, calling out to him. The small creature heard the knocking and became extremely panicked. It started running around the room like a mouse that couldn’t find a hole. At that moment, Tan Jinxuan felt as if his soul had left his body, and he lost track of where the small creature had gone. As a result, he developed a form of madness, constantly screaming. It took over half a year of medication and treatment before he gradually began to recover.



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