Shan Daoist: Mysteries and Magic of Shan Daoist

Discover the enigmatic Shan Daoist and his mesmerizing talents, from drawing magic circles to astonishing bedroom skills. Dive into the world of wonders!

A young nobleman from Korea, a descendant of a prominent family in the county, had a strong interest in magic tricks. There was a Taoist priest named Shan who excelled in the art of disappearing acts. The young nobleman admired his skills greatly and invited him as an honored guest to his home. Shan would often disappear in the blink of an eye while sitting or standing with the guests. The young nobleman hoped that Shan would teach him this skill, but Shan refused. The young nobleman persisted in his request, and Shan said, “I am not reluctant to share my magic, but I fear it would tarnish the reputation of our profession. Magic is different from other skills; when taught to a gentleman, it may be acceptable. But if it falls into the hands of unscrupulous individuals, they may use invisibility to steal from others. I have no such concerns about you, but once you leave and encounter a beautiful woman, if you cannot control yourself and use invisibility to enter her chamber, would that not encourage wickedness and indulgence in debauchery? I cannot comply.” The young nobleman realized he couldn’t force the Taoist priest and harbored resentment. In secret, he conspired with his servants to find an opportunity to beat and humiliate the priest. He was afraid Shan would escape using his invisibility, so he scattered fine ashes in the wheat field that Shan would have to cross, thinking that while the priest could make himself invisible, there would surely be footprints left in the fine ashes wherever he passed. They would follow these footprints and then strike him suddenly, believing they would definitely succeed. With this plan in mind, the young nobleman deceived Shan into coming, and he ordered his servants to brutally whip the Taoist priest with a cattle whip. Suddenly, Shan disappeared, leaving footprints in the fine ashes of the wheat field. The young nobleman’s servants followed the footprints and began to strike wildly, but in an instant, the footprints became chaotic, and they lost their target.

Han Gongzi had just returned home when Shan Daoist arrived. Shan Daoist said to Han’s servants, “I can no longer stay here! You have been serving me these days, and now that we part ways, I should show my gratitude.” With that, he reached into his sleeve and pulled out a jug of wine. Then he reached in again and took out a large platter of dishes, placing both the wine and the dishes on the table. After arranging them, he reached into his sleeve several more times, filling the table to the brim. He invited everyone to sit down and enjoy the feast, and they all got drunk. Shan Daoist then put the wine and dishes back into his sleeve one by one.

Upon hearing this strange occurrence, Han Gongzi asked Shan Daoist to perform another magic trick. Shan Daoist drew a city on the wall, and with a push and a knock of his hand, the city gate immediately opened. Shan Daoist then tossed all his belongings, clothes, and items from his box into the city through the gate. He bid farewell, saying, “I’m leaving.” He jumped into the city, and as he did, the city gate closed, and the Daoist disappeared.

Later, it was heard that Shan Daoist was in the market of Qingzhou, teaching children to draw black circles with ink on their palms. When they encountered someone, they would playfully toss the circle, regardless of where it landed—whether on a person’s face or clothes. The black circle would then magically transfer from their palm to the spot where it landed.

It was also rumored that he was skilled in a bedroom technique, where he could make his genitalia suck up and consume burning alcohol, emptying a cup with it. Han Gongzi once witnessed this himself.





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