Jie Yan’s Invisibility: Mysterious Daoist and His Vanishing Act

Explore the enigmatic tale of Jie Yan, a Daoist master with the power of invisibility, and his encounters with Sun Quan in ancient China.

Jie Yan, of unknown origin, resided in Fangshan County of Jian’an. He studied the Daoist arts of Xuan Yi Wu Wei under his teacher, the Daoist master Baiyang Gong Du. He possessed the ability to transform and become invisible. Once, he traveled to Donghai County and, upon his return, temporarily stayed in Moling, where he had interactions with the ruler of Wu, Sun Quan. Sun Quan invited Jie Yan to stay and even built a palace for him. Within a single day, Sun Quan sent messengers multiple times to inquire about Jie Yan’s well-being. At times, Jie Yan would transform into a child, while at other times, he would appear as an old man. He neither ate nor drank and refused any gifts or offerings. Sun Quan sought to learn his magical arts, but due to the presence of numerous concubines in Sun Quan’s palace, Jie Yan refrained from teaching him for several months. This angered Sun Quan, who ordered Jie Yan to be bound and shot with arrows by his soldiers. However, when the arrows were shot, the ropes that bound Jie Yan remained, but Jie Yan himself had disappeared without a trace.



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