Rain Master ChiSongZi: Deity of Rain and Divine Medicinal Knowledge

Chisongzi, the Rain Master from ancient Chinese mythology, possessed divine knowledge of medicinal herbs, the ability to control rain, and a connection to immortality.

ChiSongZi(赤松子) is the deity who served as the Rain God during the time of Shennong. He consumed a divine medicine called Ice Jade Powder and also taught Shennong to use it. He had the ability to enter fire without being burned. On Kunlun Mountain, he often visited the stone chamber of the Queen Mother of the West. He traveled along with the wind and rain, traversing the heavens and the earth. Shennong’s youngest daughter followed him and also became an immortal, ascending to the heavens together. During the reign of Emperor Ku, Chisongzi took on the role of a Rain Master and wandered the mortal realm. Present-day Rain Masters revere him as their ancestor.



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    I have a picture of a coin I believe has the image of the God of rain can you tell me if it is his image and what is the source of the coin?

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