Cui Wenzhi’s Study of Immortality: Transformation of Prince Qiao’s Elixirs

Cui Wenzhi learns the path to immortality from Prince Qiao, leading to a surprising transformation.

Cui Wenzhi was a person from Mount Tai. He followed Prince Qiao to learn the Dao of immortality. Prince Qiao transformed into White Niyi and gave Cui Wenzhi some elixirs. Cui Wenzhi was surprised and threw his spear at White Niyi, hitting it and causing the elixirs to fall down. He bent down to examine them and found that they were Prince Qiao’s shoes. He placed the shoes in his house and covered them with a broken basket. After a while, the shoes transformed into a large bird. When he opened the basket to look at it, the bird spread its wings and flew away.



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