Mating With Dog: Unusual Tales of Forbidden Liaisons

Explore intriguing stories of illicit affairs, where humans and dogs defy societal norms in unimaginable ways.

A certain merchant from Qingzhou, who lived away from home as a guest, rarely returned home throughout the year. He had a white dog at home, and the merchant’s wife tempted it to mate with her. The dog became accustomed to this behavior. One day, when the merchant returned home and lay down on the bed with his wife, the dog suddenly rushed in, jumped onto the bed, and attacked the merchant, eventually biting him to death. Later, the neighbors gradually heard about this incident and were indignant, so they reported it to the authorities. The authorities interrogated the woman, but she adamantly refused to admit her guilt, so she was imprisoned. The official then ordered the dog to be brought in, and only then did they release the woman from prison. When the dog suddenly saw the woman, it immediately rushed forward, tore her clothes, and mimicked the act of mating. At that point, the woman had nothing more to say. The authorities sent two constables to escort the suspects to the magistrate’s office, one constable escorting the woman and the other escorting the dog. Some people who wanted to witness the act between the woman and the dog collectively bribed the constables, so the constables allowed the woman and the dog to mate. Wherever they passed by, there were often hundreds of onlookers, and the constables made quite a bit of money as a result. In the end, both the woman and the dog were executed by the death penalty. Alas! The world is vast, and there is truly no shortage of strange occurrences. However, among those who bear the face of a human, are there really no others who engage in such unnatural acts with animals, or is this woman the only one?

The chronicler of strange tales said: Secret liaisons at Pu Shang have always been subject to ridicule throughout history; Meeting in the mulberry grove is also looked down upon by society. Yet there was a certain individual who could not bear the loneliness of guarding the family gate alone and indulged in illicit affairs. The demoness lay on the bed, turning out to be a female animal from the household; The dog’s organ entered the hole, becoming the lover beneath the sheets. During their union, the dog’s tail wagged wildly; Amidst their pleasure, their forms twisted like a snake. The pointed cone was encased within the skin, emerging as soon as the leg was raised; Love’s seed was sown at the arrow’s tip, taking root upon entry. Suddenly, the thought of such unnatural relations is truly unimaginable. The dog, while barking at adulterers in the home, became one itself, committing murder out of jealousy. Such crimes are difficult to address under the laws of the court. Humans, not belonging to the animal kingdom, became like animals, engaging in debauchery and filth, even despised by hyenas and tigers who disdain their flesh. Alas! If the woman is guilty of murder through adultery, she can be subjected to the penalty of dismemberment. As for the dog’s involvement in murder through adultery, there seems to be no corresponding punishment in the mortal world. When humans commit evil deeds, they are punished by being reborn as dogs in the next life. But as for dogs committing evil deeds, it seems there is no remedy in the underworld. It should be that their souls are dismembered and taken to the underworld to seek advice from King Yan on how to deal with them.




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