Hidden Dragon: A Tale of a Mysterious Encounter with a Mythical Creature

Read the intriguing story of a government official's encounter with a mysterious creature believed to be a dragon in Ling, as it leaves behind enigmatic traces and astonishes with its transformation.

In Ling, there was a government official surnamed Qu who served as a Tongzhengshi (an administrative position). One day, he was reading upstairs in a building during a rainy and cloudy weather. Suddenly, he saw a small creature with a glowing body slowly crawling. Wherever it crawled, it left behind blackened, scorched marks similar to charcoal. The little creature crawled slowly onto his book, leaving burn marks on the pages. Qu believed it to be a dragon, so he picked up the book and carried the small creature outside. Once outside, he stood there for a long time, but the small creature remained motionless in a curled-up position. Qu said, “Perhaps you think I have been disrespectful?” He brought the book back, placed it on the desk, got dressed neatly, bowed deeply, and then sent the small creature outside again. Just as it reached the eaves, the small creature raised its head, suddenly extended its body, and took off from the book with a sharp “chirping” sound, flashing a white light. It flew a few steps, looked back at Qu, and at this moment, its head had become larger than a water barrel, and its body had grown several times in size. It then flipped over, producing a thunderous roar, and soared into the clouds. Qu turned to inspect the traces left by the dragon’s passage on the desk, which were winding and curving, revealing that it had crawled out from a book box.



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