Fairy Su: The Tale of Virgin Birthn and a Son’s Supernatural Legacy

Explore the heartwarming and mysterious tale of Su Xian, a woman whose unwavering love for her son led to a supernatural legacy of flourishing peach trees and colorful clouds in Chinese folklore.

When Gaoming Tugong served as the magistrate of Chenzhou, there was a woman surnamed Su washing clothes by the river. There was a large stone in the river, and Su crouched on top of it. There was a strand of water grass, emerald green and silky, very lovely, floating and swaying on the water’s surface, circling the stone three times. Su looked at it and felt her heart pound. Not long after, she became pregnant, and her belly gradually swelled. Her mother quietly asked her what was going on, and Su truthfully told her. Her mother was puzzled. Several months later, Su unexpectedly gave birth to a son. She initially thought about abandoning the child in a small alley, but she couldn’t bear to do it, so she placed the son in a cabinet and raised him there. From then on, she swore not to marry anyone to show her determination to raise her son to adulthood. However, having a pregnancy without getting married was always a shameful matter. So when the child reached the age of seven, he had never been seen by anyone outside. One day, the son suddenly said to Su, “Mother, I am gradually growing up. How can I stay locked up at home for so long? Let me go; I can no longer burden you.” Su asked her son where he was going, and the son replied, “I was never meant to be of human kind; I want to raise my head high and soar into the clouds and sky.” Su cried and asked when he would come back, and the son replied, “I will only return when you are on your deathbed. After I leave, if you need anything, just open the cabinet where I am hidden and you will surely find what you need.” With that, he bid farewell to his mother and left. When Su went outside, her son had already disappeared without a trace. Su told her mother, and her mother was also very astonished.

From then on, Su remained steadfast in her original aspirations and relied on her mother, but their family’s fortunes continued to decline. One day, while preparing breakfast and realizing they had run out of rice with no solution in sight, Su suddenly remembered her son’s instructions before his departure. She opened the cabinet and indeed found white rice to cook breakfast. From that moment onwards, every request she made was fulfilled.

Three years later, Su’s mother passed away, and all funeral expenses were covered from the cabinet. After burying her mother, Su lived alone for thirty years and never left her home. One day, a neighbor came to borrow fire from Su. After a brief conversation in her spacious house, the neighbor left. Not long after, the neighbor saw colorful clouds swirling around Su’s house, resembling a large umbrella, with a person wearing magnificent clothing standing within the colorful clouds. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Su herself. The colorful clouds hovered in the sky for a while, flying higher and higher until they disappeared.

The neighbors were all puzzled and went to Su’s house to investigate. There, they found Su dressed elegantly, sitting upright, having passed away. They discussed among themselves, and since Su had no close relatives, they decided to provide the funds for her burial. Suddenly, a young man entered from outside, tall and handsome, and thanked the crowd. The neighbors had heard about Su having a son, so they didn’t suspect anything. The young man paid for his mother’s burial, planted two peach trees at the grave, bid farewell to everyone, and walked a few steps before colorful clouds formed beneath his feet, making him disappear.

Later, the two peach trees bloomed and bore delicious and fragrant fruits. The local people called them “Su Xian Peach Trees.” These peach trees continued to thrive, never withering or decaying. Officials in the area often brought some of these peaches as gifts for their friends and relatives.




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