Rain of Wealth: A Mysterious Encounter and a Lesson Learned

Experience the intriguing tale of a scholar's encounter with an enigmatic old man who brings sudden riches and valuable life lessons.

In Binzhou, there was a scholar who studied in his study. When he heard someone knocking at the door, he opened it and saw an elderly man with white hair, who had an extraordinary and ancient appearance. The scholar welcomed the old man into his house and asked for his name. The old man introduced himself, saying, “I am called Hu Yangzhen, but in reality, I am a fox immortal. I admire your refined sentiments and would like to be with you day and night.” The scholar, originally open-minded, didn’t find it strange and engaged in discussions with the old man about the past and the present. The old man’s knowledge was extremely extensive, his literary style was as splendid as intricate carvings and colorful decorations, and his eloquence was as graceful as a hundred flowers in full bloom, with words flowing like a sparkling stream. At times, he expounded on profound principles and distinguished between various objects and truths, leaving people feeling that he was beyond compare. The scholar was amazed and admired him, so he let the old man stay for a long time.

One day, the scholar quietly implored the old man, saying, “You have shown great kindness to me. However, I am so poor, and with just a simple gesture from you, I could have money immediately. Why don’t you help me a little?” The old man remained silent, seemingly disapproving. After a short pause, he smiled and said, “This is very easy. It just requires a small sum of money as capital.” The scholar followed his advice. Then, the old man and the scholar entered a secret room together, chanted incantations, and performed a ritual. In no time, millions of coins fell from the ceiling, making a clattering sound like a pouring rain. In the blink of an eye, the coins reached the level of their knees, and when they pulled their feet out, they were standing on a pile of coins. The room, about ten square meters in size, was now stacked with coins about three to four feet thick. The old man then looked at the scholar and asked, “Are you satisfied now?” The scholar replied, “It’s enough.” The old man waved his hand, and the coin shower instantly stopped. He then locked the door and left with the scholar.

The scholar was secretly delighted, thinking that he had suddenly become immensely rich. However, when he went to the secret room a while later to get the money, he found that all the money in the room had disappeared, leaving only a dozen or so coins, scattered sparsely. The scholar was greatly disappointed and angrily went to find the old man, accusing him of deceiving him. The old man, also angry, said, “We were originally friends through literature, and I didn’t intend to engage in thievery with you! If you want to fulfill your desires, you should make friends with the gentleman on the beam. I cannot comply with your request!” With that, he flung his sleeves and left.





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